This is their three channel keyless entry, remote start system comes with the main module two of these three button. Remotes high frequency. You can expect anywhere from twelve hundred feet or better arrange out of these guys. That’S not bad, especially for the buck nesting plug main harness valet switch LED bypass, plug port telematics, ready, not bad, pretty typical of an audio box style break. They did a nice job on the antenna. Since now, their partner, together with Omega, looks like they’re copying their antenna style where they have one plug, and it does. The program switch the LEDs, which is two one there, one there, many in 1000 and one simplified wiring that’s for sure a lot less than they used to have. This will do locks. It has three channels, it has the high frequency antenna, it does gas and diesel engines hybrid vehicle mode selectable. You could do one or two touch for the remote start. It has positive and negative reversing door, lock. Outputs for the keyless entry trunk pop output does tag tack. Lists runs anywhere from five to sixty minutes, which is programmable, has a horn, honk output, so you could use as a car locator pretty nice ApS 57c. I approve them.