It is yeah the mini b and i’m gon na drive. This well super raining outside right now, so i can’t drive it on my track. So we are gon na make a little carpet track boom, guys got it open and there it is i’m gon na open. This let’s see nope it’s, not gon na it’s, not gon na be nice to me. One second guys until i get this out. Okay, guys now that i got this zip tesla here we go there, we go there’s the car here’s, the transmitter boom take the rest out of there and then let’s. This should be the instructions, the charger but let’s, see under the hood. Now i got that clip off now here. This is pretty cool that comes off like that one body clip right there and then you slide it out and then boom there’s. The electronics comes with a 2s lipo. It has this rubber band system to get that it’s. Oh it’s hard case hard case light, though a 280 280 turn brushless or i’m sorry brushed motor spectrum servo, whatever kind of esc. That is, i think, oh that’s, an esc and a receiver all in one uh, and this has oil filled shocks there you go. You see those oil dampers, oh a full aluminum chassis, that’s, pretty awesome, uh and then the transmitter pretty well pretty off, like simple transmitter for such a tiny car um. But this car it is i’m.

Sorry this is a two wheel drive car um and this i’m going to drive on my track that i built outside well i’m. Not going to do it today, because it’s rainy, but i built a track outside. Oh, oh wow, yeah! This video is going to go up before that video, but that video will be out explaining my track in very soon. Now that i got my car, this comes with everything that you need to run it. It even comes with four aaa batteries for the transmitter but i’m not going to use those, because i’ve heard that those uh don’t go very well um, but it comes with a usb lipo charger and to charge it. You have to plug this into there it’s, not any it’s, not a fast charge or anything it’s. Just a usb lipo charger, uh it’ll get the job done and and then that’s that’s about it, uh pretty small package. But i have a feeling: it’s gon na pack, um a lot of fun in that small package, so let’s charge that battery up okay, guys a little more about the car before we get to the charging uh fully adjustable camber links and um fully adjustable shocks. Um front and rear – and that is really all about the car and so let’s go to the charging. Okay guys. This charging system is very nice it’s, just this usb charger and whenever it’s, whenever the battery is plugged in.

Let me turn on the light here. Whenever the battery is plugged in to this balance, port it’s red and then whenever it’s not plugged in it’s just hanging without the battery it’s, a fl it’s a very flat fast, blinking, green and red light and then i’m assuming it’s gon na turn green. Whenever it’s charged so that’s, the charging in this guys is super awesome. Um there’s really no base to this this radio. So what you got to do to put the batteries in is you got ta click up this tab right here and then you slide it out and the entire thing comes out, the top part, and then this and those and those touch that’s how it connects so Here’S, where you put the batteries in there’s, this other tab and then sorry i’m doing this one handed okay and then you take this little piece out. It fell into it um one second guys. Let me get this out. Okay, there we go it’s out now um, so then the batteries just go in there. I believe it’s, four triple a’s. Oh, no guys! This is what i came out to look at this. Look at this just this crappy day in pa. Oh man! No you guys, unless you follow my tick tock, you guys don’t know how deep this is. This is like these are deep and they’re completely filled up. So, oh man, i’m, not gon na, be able to use my truck on this for a while, no i’m, so disappointed i’m gon na have to do so much drainage work and then look at my crawler course.

Oh no, these crappy days go away man. This stinks. Well, i guess it happens, but i’m gon na have to do some drainage and i’m gon na need, like for goodness sakes like four four or more sunny days to get this all nice and dried to the point where i want it to set, and i can Start watering, it and stuff. Ah this thanks well that’s the update on the track. Whoa, oh wow yeah. I forgot this is gon na go out before the video of my actual track video. So you guys don’t even know about this, so we’re gon na move on back to the truck uh. Oh guys, it’s green. That means we’re ready to go guys. We have liftoff shoo it’s fast for this little buggy. Oh yeah, look at it go ahead, oh it’s! So it’s so hard we’re doing it. One handed okay, guys now i’m gon na build a course for it. You get some of that pineapple, okay, guys here’s the track. So what you got ta do is you got ta come around? These tires got ta come up here. I made this jump out of cardboard and then you got ta come hit that jump around here around those tires up and then hit that that little jump a little bit. Oh, oh! No! Okay, guys! I have an idea. Oh there’s, one over there there we go back to riding while driving it’s, not we’re, not riding.

I i feel like i say that in every video, like i said now, we’re going to ride even though we’re driving, oh a little tough, a little tough. Oh, a little tough to drive this in this little space. Oh to the tumble. This to our lipo gets it pretty lively. Oh no! No! I hit the beds, nothing very soft ugh. Oh, i just did a wall ride. What that was awesome. Oh took a tumble, Music and and i’m not hitting full throttle in this. In this little place, it can’t this car can go faster than what i’m doing right now. I haven’t hit full throttle just kind of going around this track jeez. This is tough Music. Luckily, almost every time it actually ends up on its wheels, which is actually quite nice. No, i just destroyed the jump. No i’m gon na put it right here, put the stick back back up there and now i’m. Actually gon na put it a little closer to this and then i’m gon na get this right. There let’s go no moving these out so that i don’t wreck myself. Every time i go around that corner that’s my mom guys. No all right little tires no i’m. Over this back, i’ve moved it way too far up. I just destroyed the tires i’m just gon na. Do it like that? Oh tumble. Oh, my grandma and grandpa are here: okay, guys well um. We will video this more after.

I go help my grandma and grandpa. Okay, guys, i hope you enjoyed my mini b uh. I really enjoy this truck and oh just a disclaimer. I did have one of the a arms pop off um. Oh, it was a pretty hard crash, but i did have one of them pop off, just as a disclaimer uh, but other than that. I really enjoyed it and uh you’re gon na be seeing a lot lot more of it once my track is all dried up. Um because i will uh drive it on there and then, if it doesn’t hit the jumps, because i didn’t use it, i didn’t use it as a reference uh, but i also got these pin tires because i’ve been watching videos on it and these bought. These are called bar tires that are on the car right now. Those are card bar tires and those are for like carpet and super duper nicely packed um dirt and which is not my track uh, and but these, as you can see, will get way more traction and will work way better. So i hope you enjoyed.