Just watch the rest of the video to see it um. If you’re wondering why this is on that, we have a full battery and we’re ready to go, um start going first, it handles really well god better than i thought so past. The first stop obstacle which well past the main village stops. This is a steep camera. Doesn’T do justice but it’s a very steep rocky hill it’s doing really well. It has got a full battery and squishy tires, but oh catch it there and move it up a bit i’m just gon na move it up to there got through the bulk of the obstacle. I’Ll just get you back, keep going, keep it going Applause. This is almost kind of a review on this and then 90 sorry for the bad camera quality i’m kind of using trying to use two hands on the receiver, not very well a lot of kate, lady stuff too, if you’re not from australia, you probably don’t understand, But god really just keep moving it out. It’S got fairly good perspective. I think top speed’s about maybe 15, not really too sure. Oh, my god, that’s, where it was stopped. I’Ll bring it over here to where it’s not as steep um he’s pretty steep. Oh, i don’t think we can make it. This is it’s, obviously not the best or anything but pretty good. So what did i say? 60. 40 to 60 bucks um. I would recommend getting now it’s time for the descent all right and like and subscribe.

If you can pull the castle but like and subscribe, if you want me to climb up the rocks, but for now just doing the dirt pile that’s no throttle just for rolling, it will come up with this and you can get different colors and you can get A canopy on it i think, there’s like an m99 94 model or 96 model or something just had a tumble, lost a snorkel which isn’t a big deal, which i’m pretty sure it will just hook back in you can put like mirrors. It comes with a mirror and window wipers, but they i’ve lost it like one of each of them so i’m too hesitant to put them back on with going through this sort of terrain. Keep it moving in, give it a little notch. Oh stuck on all the gateway um, as i probably mentioned, it can go like 12 kilometers per hour, um, not obviously the fastest, but it depends what you’re into Applause. Sorry, she can’t see just trying to get it angled to where you can see it and it can go down. Oh it’s, again slowly, oh almost landed um. It does help. If you take the bumper, which i’ve done just two simple screws at the front, it’s got pretty good flex for what it is it’s not just rolled again. Oh no sorry, if that brings you that it’s pretty durable. The only thing that happened is this back tire. Come off, you can easily pop back on the bead still works, and you can just give them a little wipe down.

Take them through taking this through water before oh i’m, trying my hardest to get the best camera angles so i’m, not using the steering. No. But i think that might end off today’s video um thanks for watching.