This is my video review of a product made by a company called pure Roma it’s, a 2 pack of submersible LED lights, and it comes with a remote control for each one of the lights, and it is waterproof I peed at 68, and it does 16 colors And there’s 10 surface mounted LED chips in each one of these. It takes three Triple A batteries which are included in each unit and there’s a 14 gram weight added so that it will sink underwater we’re going to test that, and the range on this should be in 5 to 10 meters, which is about 15 to 30 feet. Now, if you want to test this, which I’m going to do we’re going to test it underwater but initially we’re going to try it right here, if you look at the back right here, you could go counterclockwise unscrew the back and you can see you’re there. It has the weighted base and then it has the included batteries and the negative positive shows you this way. The batteries go so we’re going to what take these batteries and we’re going to install them. So looking at it, I’ve got the battery right here. The negative is the flat side, and that goes just like that and everything the next one put the Negev where it says negative and positives that direction. Positive is a little positive tab right there and you can see it’s already thinking pretty cool, very bright, so it’s likening to the various colors now to control it.

You have a controller right here now to make sure that this gets powered on there’s a little tab right here, plus the tab that you have to remove. If you can counter pick that up with that, tab has P remove first and then the battery should allow it to be controllable. So there I hit the off button and then there’s the on button now it’s sure it’s defaulting. This is going to a transition to the different colors, so slow transition and then you’ll see you have a brightness control right here which should lower the brightness and raise the brightness, and this is a color choice right here. So I hit the red you can see. It goes the solid red, orange blue, dark, blue red, yellow and green. You got various choices now: let’s go back to red right here, let’s turn it off and turn it back on, and you can have what they call white right there. Now the different modes let’s put red back on for the camera sake, you have flash and this is strolled. This is going to all the different colors. Then you have fade, which is what it started off. Doing. First put the batteries in and then the last one on the bottom here is smooth no way that’s called smooth, but that’s that’s, the effect and again we have off and on save the batteries. So it’s not going to do anything until you turn the unit on which is nice, so I’m, going to try this underwater in a little vase and see if it’s, waterproof and see what it looks like okay.

So we have a crystal little bowl right here and it’s filled with water, as you can see, let’s turn on isn’t it. So what happens when we put it in the water and make sure that I close it tightly, and I see it sunk and I don’t see any bubbles, which is a good sign that it’s not leaking so and you can see very attractive at the back. We shift lights off track today with the crystal and the LED is blinking like that looks really nice. So what’s your overall opinion about the 2 pack, 2p roma brand submersible LED light with real control honey. This is a cool product. I have both them working right here and you can see them both running the controllers seem to control either one which is kind of nice. So, as you saw, this worked great underwater and look pretty neat so it’s up to you, where you want to use it using the wedding is as a decoration, you could put it just about anywhere. You want this auxilary cool, looking light, so I’m gon na get this product a full five star rating on my channel.