The kids set Matchbox cars up in a row in the remote control car will run right over them with no issue. This is honestly the coolest RC car I’ve ever owned. We got this for our four year old and it’s perfect for him, because it never gets stuck upside down or on its side to where it can’t keep moving. I love not having to run after it to go turn it right side up, like I had to with older RC cars I’ve owned when they flipped over outside it drives over just about any terrain and even through water puddles. With no issue we play with the car inside and it doesn’t mess up our faux wood floors whatsoever, which is wonderful. The remote control is about the size of a standard, video game, controller, it’s, lightweight and easy to operate with it’s simplistic design. My boyfriend, our toddler and even I truly enjoy playing with this remote, controlled car. This remote control car works, great love. The box it came in will be able to store the car in it when not out playing with it. You will need a small screws to remove the remote control from the packaging and to install batteries on both the car moves really well from our concrete floor to our living room rug. My three year old and one year old could operate the car. I purchased this as a gift for my little brother and I know he will love it.

We bought this for my seven year old and so excited to give it to him. I checked it out to make sure we liked it before Christmas. It seems very durable. I took a close up of the wheel, so you can see the traction, so I think that will make it better for our door use. I also like how the wheels spin around so it doesn’t get stuck. I forgot how much fun it is to have a remote control car. I bought this for my three year old son, who will be opening it on Christmas, but I of course had to test it out. First smile. This was securely packaged small phillips screwdriver required to unpackage, but it was easy to open and insert batteries two AAA and four triple a needed for the remote and car respectively.