Actually, i don’t care it’s gon na see some car in here and i’m, not alone in here. There is awesome. This car is so cool. Okay, when you guys play that, i got ta review this car. Okay, guys here’s, my new car awesome, my name my channel name is awesome. Can you give me a screwdriver okay and this guy having a badly it’s like 14 500. it’s only too badly? But actually this is the mattress. If you can see you guys can see it. Okay, i have a booster it’s, also gon na open. If you put water on here yeah, you still have water, no okay, okay, guys so there’s a booster also can open. I guess you can see it huh. Okay, look at the camera, wow that’s, the booster. This is so small and also when you wan na. If you want to buy this thing, how do i open the up? The booster just look at this. This is like this there’s a button there’s a bottom in this one for this like this, if you press it and this one for do, don’t do that for the boss, wow look! Look! If i press this Music, oh yeah, it’s. Also double double. Do you know guys like a car like a rabbit car ow when you guss – and you do this? Oh, my god, when you go into the phone there’s only the back one is on that this one is not.

This also can go on. Look two of them and yeah actually broken and there’s like a lefty of this, but it’s only broken. I need to charge and it’s nothing. Usually, okay. Next, oh okay, guys! This is the normal one. Wait i got a deck of control. I have a controller, so this car is same, have a repair. You can see it, but there’s, no booster and it’s. Only one move like a normal and the battery was well. I need a charger, but i don’t have to take it out again, very less Music. Just acting now we’re here, okay, i see like this one next, okay, guys, this is the last one i have and the next one is awesome. Did you charge it yeah? Okay, because it was slow? And after that i am gon na tell all about this car. This car and everyone has a method: okay, so this guy’s is this like a night cruiser yeah lion, cruiser that’s like a real lion, but it doesn’t go on sand. Yeah it’s like no. I don’t, i don’t, know it’s just a toy but that’s gon na be in yeah yeah, and this only have got the f of this. What does 20 f mean? I don’t know about that. I just learned it and yes, i should have get my blue one. Oh yeah by the battery, oh that’s cool, try, okay, and this happened Music, oh yeah, it’s kind of different than what then yeah.

Okay right there, yeah and it’s only wait. Is it moving yeah that’s, an honor. You know: it’s safe it’s turned on by itself. Okay, this is like a realism like this. We don’t need it. It looks like i make it straight i’m. Gon na i’m gon na take a trick of this three of that. A deep, a dollar nonsense and another shot yeah a monster truck let’s. Do that all right, guys? First, a monster Music and i’m charging where’s the controller; oh yeah, Music, okay, guys, it’s, okay, nothing else; Music, okay, dude, oh yeah, guys that is for today you guys like which one this one Music is one or this one or this one or the bottom, or The red one, this one guys get a comment down below yeah.