For my five year old and three year old twins, I don’t think I have ever heard a toy make them laughed as much as this little robot. He is adorable and the entertainment is endless. The best feature by far is that you can talk to into the controller and make the robot say anything. You say it also has fun phrases that the kids love and makes them laugh. I hear them repeat the robot and it’s hilarious. It also has a spy feature that picks up conversations in other rooms. My boy is loved spying on their sister, but she didn’t like it so much it’s all in good fun, but not sure if it’s, a good thing to promote eavesdropping on others in the household overall. A great first robot very easy to control and provides a lot of entertainment for all. My kids Terry’s, not many toys. That brings all four of my children together, but this is defiantly one of them also a great price point. This robot is it all from Dancing to talking to spying and even carrying things must be light and not the greatest working feature, but the challenges are endless. My son got a lot for Christmas. This was one of two things he opened. It has a sneaky mode which lets you hear, people talking and you can talk to from pretty far away. He has a sports mode and is super easy to control motion. He also has a dance party mode and farts, which my son loves great value for the money just be prepared for the batteries forth for the robot.

For for the controller, my daughter, hasn’t stopped playing with this thing since it arrived she’s even had him deliver me notes, so cute really great value for the prize, a really fun toy for the kids. I like the agility and the remote is easy to use. I would recommend this toy to parents of young kids. Initially, I didn’t like this toy because of how offensively loud and irritating it was. But after cutting and strategically placing a few strips of duct tape, it is vastly improved and completely tolerable clink.