The movement is very realistic. Just like the real thing you can drive in any direction and or rotate to drop your load wherever and, however, you want it’s a great little toy and easily controlled by a seven year old, also come with another battery for extra play time. Nice choice, Music, the rc car is good quality robust and we love the look design. Battery life is a plus because it has lasted 30 minutes without having to be recharged great, buy omg. This is the coolest remote control car i have ever had. This thing goes sideways backwards, spins around and not to mention shoots water bullets and makes the realistic sound. The kids are gon na love this. This rc car is absolutely perfect. Wheels have a cool rubber with great suspension. Remote is pretty easy to use, controls are intuitive and has a long wireless range. The battery life was good and it ran smoothly outdoors and indoors works great on all surfaces and completely durable would recommend it for anyone. Looking for a remote, controlled car got it as a gift: kids, absolutely loved it. My son love it handles well and has great speed. He loves to do tricks with it lots fun when fully charged the car tackles most obstacles and drives great in mud grass rocks and water. We drove it through our creek and it did really well great price and even better quality. I would definitely recommend this product for any age.