So this car is not gon na break the bank, it’s, probably great, for people that are trying to get into the RC car sport and really don’t know where to start they might not have the right tools or batteries and chargers, and all that – and this does Have replaceable parts as well supposedly it can go up to 30 miles an hour. Them comes on Amazon, so let’s open her up for him. Signing the official name. Is the top racing series tornado kind of cool, a desert buggy to me it looks more like a truckie, so they call them shock absorbers. I think those are just our shocks. They come with the Springs on them. I’M. Gon na take this apart and see. If you can actually add oil to them, comes with full metal bearings rubber tires. We also have a high speed motor. It is a brushed motor which is maybe not as efficient as a brushless motor, but I think it’s a good start if you’re trying to get into the Hobby, and then we have metal gear discs, which is great and a rudder machine. I think that’s also known as your servo it’s. Also a four wheel drive, so it’s gon na be great for going on dirt and it comes with radio as well comes with one lipo 7.4 bolt two cell battery 1500 milliamps. This is rated to ages 14 and up perhaps could be used at younger ages with adult supervision, but please do use it your own risk.

I also thought it was lucky that says this is not a toy. Sorry, alright. So here we have. Our user manual looks like we have our remote here. Well, not up in a second got some bubble, wrap, that’s, pretty cool. Alright. Here we go, take it out, so it’s a decent size. This is their 112 scale, so I also have the triple XT 110 scale and I also have a 18 scale button. So this is a little bit smaller but I think it’s a good size of you’re not trying to get too crazy when you first start with the sport we have here. We have some body Clips on the body, so here we have her body it’s pretty flexible. I also have video of how to reinforce your body so I’m, probably gon na, do that with the drywall joint tape and the goop here, it’s pretty decent body. It also has a film on it protecting it. Here we have the innards of the car. We have a protecting case, probably on the receiver, and I believe the battery can be accessed via this little port here on the bottom, just kind of an interesting way to car twist. This little knob here press down open it all right. There we go, and we also have an onoff switch here on the bottom. Another thing to point out about is that it has some headlights cool, so have to take a look at those, and then here we have a casing that has four screws here, holding it in one thing: I’m noticing so I’m, just gon na set the car aside And we’re going to open up our radio so just kind of just your standard radio.

We have our drive, trim our steering trim. Here we have an LED power button in the middle. We have our bind button. So that’ll bind your remote to your receiver in the car. We also have the on and off power switch here, and then this is our or wheel to turn the car. It also takes three double A batteries which did not come with the car, but I would recommend perhaps getting some USB rechargeable ones as these tend to eat battery power if you move them on, especially and it’s a 2.4 gigahertz system. Supposedly, you can go up to 50 meters away, let’s, see what’s in their bag of tricks. So here we have the instructions I’m curious to see what they include in. These basically has instructions in every language possible, but I think it is pretty cool that it does give you all the breakaway parts. So if you do end up breaking anything, it gives you the part numbers here and you could just easily order those online and one thing that you’ll learn if you’re just getting into RC is that, although we are careful with these, they are breakable. We also have a little tool here. It looks like it’s, a hex tool, probably to get our wheels off and it comes with some spare teeny tiny body clips. It also comes with a Philips head screw driver, some spare dog bones and axles I’m, assuming because this might be fragile parts, let’s see what’s in some of these boxes.

This is our fabric, charger and it’s, a 500 milliamp output. So this is actually charging at 13 of what the battery can handle. So it’s going to be really slow charge rate. Mostly, it takes about 2 or 3 hours to charge a battery, which is a pretty long time and we’ll have to see, definitely not use this and use my higher end chargers for charging the battery. While I wait for the battery to charge I’m going to get snow, this thing a little better, take it apart. Alright, and as I mentioned, you don’t need a complete toolset. It seems to come with all the pieces that you need alright, so first we’re gon na attach the spoiler. It looks like it just attaches in the rear here snaps on and then you attach it with some bobby pins, cool, it’s, pretty nice and then we’re gon na take off these screws here and just kind of open this up and see what’s inside a little fortress. Getting in there alright, so here we have a receiver and our motor connecting to the receiver and then we looks like we have one of the lines here to our lights, and then we have our connector here to our cert or servo. I don’t see you need to open this up much, but I just wanted to open it. To give you guys a look at what’s inside so now, let’s open up a shock so looks like they’re attached here with two Phillips head screws we’ll take one off and take a look inside so here’s our shock let’s.

Take it apart even further, not quite sure what spring rate these are, but I will link to a video where you can figure out what your spring rate is and see if he needs softer or stiffer so there’s. No real way to add dampening to this with shock oil, but I think it’s, a great introductory shock we’ll see how it handles when we do our first run so next let’s take off. One of our tires looks like one of the pins came out, so we’re gon na want to read reattach that in there looks like it’s a little bit loose so I’m, not sure if that’s happening for all the tires. But we’re gon na want to make sure that this pin is inserted back in position and then insert the nut back on. So here we have our tire I’m, not sure. If there’s foam on the inside but it’s your standard hex, the tread is pretty interesting. It looks like a good off road tread we’ll test it out on some dirt outside in a second all right, we’re gon na reassemble, the car and I’m gon na take the foam off of the car just well pop in the body. It was really satisfying to do this so after looking the car over my initial impressions are that it seems to be a good intro trucky that will get you in the sport. Has some decent rubber tires it’s waterproof its four wheel.

Drive, has some cool lights out? Soldered, the lights brushed motor, which is not as efficient. Another thing is that you can’t tune the shocks with shock oil. Alright, so now let’s stop the oppan start. The bra pin, take it outside and get it dirty. The car take it for the first run. I mean I cannotice right away, that the shocks are super grandpa. So it looks like I already lost a clip on the wing, but it did come with some spares all right now, we’re gon na do some speed, runs and see how it handles on the road Music. Well, you know whoops one thing: I notice is there’s a little bit of play in some of the parts so how to adjust this game fence Music got fat and got up. I think Dante proof he always liked. The smaller parts is amazing. Do a little run at night got the lights on and recharge the battery, so that was a couple hours ago, we’re gon na give it a second run Laughter thanks for tuning into my unboxing review and first round of the tornado from Rolly toy it’s, the 4×4 Off road vehicle, I was actually pleasantly surprised. It handled really well on the terrain here, it’s great, that it’s, waterproof and again christmas is coming up. So anyone on your Christmas list definitely consider this car. If you click the link that Amazon link below you can get it right now, for 99 there was a little bit of play in the wheels and again the shock, shocks aren’t as tunable, but other than that I think it’s tons of fun – and I know Dante – Definitely approved of it, so I got a couple more videos down the pipeline.