Okay, so some of you guys don’t even know what is this white box so let’s open it up? This is the red cat racing, the 64. uh let’s open it up and see how it looks actually uh. I did not even wanted to get one of those here, but everybody was asking if we got those and i decided to bring one um and let’s see so when you open it up, i just want to show it’s very heavy. So when you handle the one that you get be careful because they are super, super heavy uh will see why, in a second but it’s, pretty heavy, so let’s flip it over here and i’m shooting right now on another box, because my table is busy with the More important project uh, so this is the 64. um and what they did. They did kind of a car that, like it’s, more kind of mexican culture, vehicle uh that can uh bounce up and down and uh do all kind of other stuff, but let’s open it up, see if we’re gon na, like it so it’s, packed, really really well And the box is really really nice and inside of the box, there is walls with graffiti that probably you cannot really see uh we’re gon na tear one apart later and oh look at this. Actually, the box is really really nice, i’m kind of surprised because usually the packing. When you see the white package, you say oh it’s, not so nice, but this is pretty cool and then let’s open it up.

It’S, like a babushka it’s, a box in a box in a box in a box, okay, so first things: first, there is a user manual and then there is a graphics here. There is a graphic kit, um we’re gon na pull those out later it’s a big mess to open this thing, it’s packed, really really nice, and then there is the remote over here that it’s more like an airplane style remote. We got here the remote uh, it’s, really nice, remote, but again it’s more airplane style, let’s see if the entire thing can actually come out right now. You have to be very careful when you lift it out, because there is other small gentle stuff underneath it and then look at this. The car is actually inside sitting it’s, really heavy uh it’s sitting all the way to the bottom. So we need to be super. Careful when you’re gon na try to take it out it’s super heavy, because guys there is here pieces of lead the little this. This thing probably weigh like a pound or two. I don’t know why they put the lead over here. I guess we’re going to read the instruction and see later, but it’s less inside and there is the battery too bad. They did not go with lipo red kit about time to get rid of the stupid plugs. They are really annoying and they’re too big and let’s pull the vehicle out, dump it trying to put it as gentle.

I can because it’s kind of holding the bottom over here there. It is let’s, get rid of this real, quick and bring this thing back, because it’s going to look really nice on it, it is going to fit here it’s well, so this is the vehicle, so i’m manually gon na turn it i’m gon na, be the lazy Susan uh, this is the vehicle it’s, pretty cool on the first glance: it’s pretty cool uh it’s, a nice candy apple red. I hope that the camera can actually catch this color um it’s, probably the trunks i can open i’m, not sure. I need to see no. This is actually it’s uh it’s part of the plastic, the petg uh there’s cool details inside i’m, gon na take the camera and go around it in a second and i’m gon na hold it gently to show you guys the bottom of this vehicle, the body pins, Are over here on the edges? Just so you know where to look for them very small, driveshaft, very, very, very simple, simple platform um, i think for for what this thing goes for the platform is very simple and very easy. Um i’m surprised that actually, the finish on this is: is that perfect? Usually they don’t do that let’s see? Can you see it in the picture as you can um? Let me do this. Let me take the camera out and actually film it around. So you guys can see it a little bit better um.

I can already see here that there is like the fenders need to get pushed out. It’S actually pushed in the the double stick. Tape that they put here is kind of off uh. I thought it’s maybe to open the hood, but it’s, not it just like it’s off this, the from the gluing but it’s, not a big deal. Uh let’s take the camera and go around and look at it. Okay, so let’s start with the front grille uh, the front, chrome, grille, look very promising um there is over there insert for the light will be cool to put light inside a windshield, wiper kind of chrome, wheelchair windshield driver really cool. And then, when you look closely, you can see the spoke wheels over there. Uh they’re really cool spoke wheels. You know what i haven’t touched the tires to see how the tires are. Yeah they’re kind of very very firm tires they’re very firm and they look actually real they’re, pretty cool uh. You even have here the logo and you have the small side mirrors. You have those nice handles and you have the rear with the impala let’s turn it more and then you have. The tail section is really really really cool, very impressive, actually for something that coming from company like redkit, and this is something that they did uh. This is like their development they’re working on it for a couple years now, uh, lately their company become to be very secretive.

They don’t tell you what’s coming out, it just suddenly come out, and this is the inside of it more or less very hard to take a video of it because it’s so shiny. So what we need to do is make another video of this thing actually performing, and this is of course coming in there. The red, the candy, apple, red and it’s have a candy blue, the special editions and so um let’s. Do this and show everybody how this thing supposed to perform don’t forget to like subscribe and share. We have those available at moto styles hobby shop uh. They are 650 dollar plus tax it’s about seven hundred dollar and it’s cash. Only so it’s going to be seven hundred dollar cash out the door deal uh comment pick it up, don’t pay 1900 on ebay or anything when you can get it at the shop and go home with it today.