It is really much more easy and much more controlled authority, and if it gets windy, you can actually hover it at one place. Music see how its picking lift right there about this features. Now, allow me to show you the radio a little bit four channel radio control. You have throttle yaw that controls the rudder ailerons and the pitch elevator. This button right here, as i have described below, can make you perform aerobatics instantly. So all you need to do is press this button during flight, even in beginner intermediate mode. You will hear the radio beep and after that, if you want to pull a loop push the elevator down. If you want to pull a roll move, the air on left or right and it will perform the aerobatics automatically, this is your beginner intermediate advanced switch. So if you have improved your skills, you can go in intermediate mode, which gives you more control authority and you can pull some aerobatics manually and advanced mode simply turns off the gyro alright, to make it fly, of course, connect the battery put the plane down. Okay turn the radio on wait for the beep, and now you have controls all right, putting the battery in tucking the cables in close the lid. Now the motor is disarmed in order to arm the motor pull the throttle all the way top and bottom. You will hear the beeps, and now the motor is engaged. Okay, we are flying in complete beginner mode all right here we go wow that was much easier than i actually anticipated.

It took off really nice and how smooth i mean this is impressive. I did not expect it to be that smooth and that easy to fly. I am almost hands free im, just using the ailerons and or i can just use rudder to just steer it in any direction. I want its very quiet and, despite it being really lightweight its handling slight winds, its superb i mean you can you can actually look at it? How beautifully its flying im gon na turn it into the winds. You can see really hands free and look at the plane there, its right there, its really hands free. I didnt even touch it. It just keeps going in one direction. Obviously, it changes the direction due to the winds, but once again its really hands free to fly. Flying it is absolutely a joy and really very easy. The controls are superb, all right. Let me land it see how the landing goes ill, come from that side find us the place to land with people around us. Look at this superb landing. I i put it right where i wanted it: okay, now im going to show you the one click acrobatic feature using the button provided on the radio: well fly it in beginner mode. So when you want to perform aerobatics make sure you have a good altitude and good throttle. This is a very good altitude for you to perform acrobatics, so increase the throttle and it will automatically perform aerobatics.

So once you press the button after increasing the throttle, you will hear beeps on the radio and once you hear the beeps, you can pull on elevator or on roll. So here we are, and that was the loop lost it. Okay lets try it again. So luke will be just at the same place. Flynn might go back dont zoom in too much okay. So here we come increase the throttle press, the button pull on elevator and watch it perform a beautiful loop. All right lets try the loop again beautiful it just does it with absolute precision. Do the roll now for roll the plane tends to lose altitude, so i will suggest you keep a good altitude all right there. You go press the button roll, so you keep a good altitude. Dont perform the roll at lower altitude because you might crash the plane. All right lets try the intermediate and manual mode take off in beginner mode. This is intermediate mode and i can pull loops manually by pulling on the elevator, giving it a little bit of throttle and pull on the elevator. It can pull loops see, but it doesnt pull rolls rolls are still as stabilized for assisted flight. So in intermediate mode you can pull loops, but in manual mode the gyro turns off completely just like this. Now you got to have skills to fly. It youve got to have prior skills in rc plane flying to control it, but given the upwind construction, a trainer plane construction, it still flies very well still very smooth and nice, but controls can be really difficult.

Given that its completely manual, i can pull rolls loops and once again maybe camera lost it. So im gon na bring it here a little bit higher. Okay, one moment hope you can still see it Music and i pull a loop. A kind of i dont know its just kind of aerobatics that you can do as soon as you lose control ill suggest, immediately switch it to beginner mode, and you can say how beautiful it flies leveled and you can actually get all the controls back. Alright. So lets land it and talk about our conclusions. For this point, Music video shopping network, an amazon affiliate to see this product on amazon click, the link in the video description below youll be able to see current pricing product previews and any special deals.