Take a look at the turbo wrestling 1276 skill monster truck the tc01 once again its been sent to me by banggood. So if you are interested in buying one, the link is in the description. As always – and this is like the fourth car from this series that i have and uh i dont think there is anything else to talk about, because we all know what it is. So what im going to do here is to see what do we have in the box and take it out for a test drive. Oh, by the way the box has this window, so you can see a little bit inside and it looks really good so heres the car rather big compared to the other cars in the series. It is rear, wheel, drive and obviously the ground clearance is really really good, so you can just uh running around the house really easily and next we have some rounds. How many one two two high jumps and two low jumps. So we have four wraps include that in the box like that it slides off the manual okay, oh, it can still charge on the transmitter or not quite it needs an extender to charge on the transmitter. Next, we have some stickers, enhance the transmitter with color coordinated to the car, and it goes in like this. Obviously, this is the turbo racing, so you can upgrade the transmitter to something like this uh p52 and you can have much much better control over stuff.

Like epa and many many things, yes, exponential trim and a lot of stuff there anyway moving on theres, nothing else, theres a charging, cable and the extender. So if you want to charge it because this car is quite high up from the ground, so it is not going to reach the port properly. So, oh i broke it so were gon na need this extender, put it right there and then put a car on it like that. The transmitter is the same as the other. One in this series so were gon na need four double a batteries put it in and then turn anti clockwise to close and thats it so lets see if there is a any charge in the car and we have the light on the top as well as You can see here it is full proportional considering it has good ground clearance. It is going to be great to drive around the house, and the turning circle is really good too its like from there to there lets see something you can measure with from there to there. So how much was it theres like a 20 21 21 centimeter turning circle, which is really really small? Oh, it is the other side is not the same, so lets uh put it on about 25 there and there about 21 to 25 centimeter, which is great and lets take a closer look at the car. It is small, really small compared to the other one in the series that is the eclipse it has.

The wheelbase is a little bit shorter, but it is much much wider and the ground clearance is very, very evident that it is really much higher than the other. Cars led is still present in this version, and it is a like top light bar. So it is pretty bright. The wheels uh is lock up when it doesnt have power, so it has warm gear inside like the mini version, and we have a little bit of front suspension which should help when it jumps. Oh, the other thing that uh people are gon na ask me is that how does it compare to the diatone, which is also 1 276 scale? The size is roughly the same. However, this turbo racing has a little bit higher ground clearance, like so the ground clearance. On the turbo racing is a little bit better than the diatone. To be honest, it also looks better its like a more rough and tumble. This one is more like a toy car youll, be the touch the wheels on the diatone are a little bit bigger, but that doesnt make much difference anyway. So im gon na go and charge it and lets take it out four spin and heres how to charge with the transmitter. You slide this one and turn it clockwise to lock and then put the extender on and then put the car on flick. The switch to the middle position and it is now charging once it is full.

This light is going to go out and now ill just leave it there. The handling is pretty good much like the other version, as it turns out, it needs quite a precision to jump the big one successfully without flipping over the small rounds, however, is easy. With this grout clearance it can go on a thick carpet easily so theres another surface you can drive on the handling on the grippy surface is nice, but not so good on wooden floor or dusty floor, sometimes itll just spin with a slight steering input so ill Have to say that the diaton q33 is better outside a dedicated racetrack or a carpet. The truck looks really nice and its a good addition. If you want to collect this series and thats it for this video, please subscribe if you want to see more content like this and click the bell icon to get the notification.