The trail runner from element. Rc is a 110 scale, ready to run trail truck that’s preassembled out of the box with brushed electronics offered in two different versions, one that includes a two cell lipo battery and battery charger, and one that does not both versions do require for double a batteries to Power, the included XP 133 channel transmitter, which has a three position, switch right here behind the wheel. Both versions of the trail runner include this white SUV body, which is kind of like a modern Toyota 4runner and at first glance, it’s kind of like but it’s. Actually pretty cool, but we’ll talk more about that later now, at the beginning of this video, we said this truck had some really unique features, and one of those really cool features is the IFS system. This truck comes standard with, in the IFS, stands for independent front suspension. Now this system does away with the front solid axle instead uses a double wishbone setup that allows the left and right side to tackle the terrain independently. Now the IFS system from elm in RC has been around for a little while now, but it was only available as a conversion kit, where you had to assemble and install it on your truck yourself. Now a lot of people don’t know it, but the IFS system is not only compatible with the enduro trucks, but it’s also compatible with the axial scx10 scx10 and the SSD trail king, with the few items required now those required items you can actually 3d print yourself With the downloadable parts files being available for free, so that’s pretty cool if you have those other trucks besides, the compatibility, the best part about this is system is how it transforms the front end to not only be more scale realistic, but also more accurate.

For certain trail truck builds, and not only is it cool to see the double wishbone suspension work independently, which can be really effective on the trail, but the ifs. Some does a great job at hiding this steering system with no long links traveling along the axle and instead uses a steering system that sits up high and out of sight using plastic bell cranks and a metal steering rack supported by bearings, you’ll notice, the left and Right side steering links resting at nearly the same height as the upper arms. So when you look at them from the front, they appear to be one piece and you hardly notice them for steering angles. The IFS system uses universal front, drive shafts, so you can get really tight turns now. You’Ll notice, this front skid plate on the IFS system that looks great and really polishes up that final look but watch out for it snagging on rocks and trail debris. We had a few instances where it would get caught up on rocks, but to be fair, that could very well have happened with a solid axle, but one very cool thing about the independent suspension is the right. Height is adjustable depending on your shock, set up with a solid axle. You can’t adjust the ride height unless you change to larger diameter tires or you use a completely different axle that has a smaller pumpkin. Now speaking of tires, the tires included on the trail. Runner are pretty small tires, they are officially licensed.

General grabber ATX tires, and there are three point: eight five inches tall about one and a half inches wide and mount up on a 1.5 v wheel, they’re good, looking tires and they’re in a really soft rubber compound and they fit well under the included body wheel. Wells and fenders, but as far as ground clearance is concerned, you could get a lot more ground clearance out of this truck by using a larger diameter tire, but that probably wouldn’t work well with the included body. Unless you did some serious modifications now, those 1.55 wheels that are included are black bead locks with caps and attachable hubs on the backside and they’re pretty dang nice looking wheels. The hubs on the backside are upgradable, too, with element RC, offering heavier brass options available now to switch gears for a minute. We traveled over to a main hobbies retail store just to check out their indoor crawler course and surprisingly, to us, a main employee Chris by his very first crawler, and it was the trail runner and he had already been making some upgrades. What have you done to this because you have changed some things? Well, first things. First, I put on the the biggest pit. Bull 155 tires you can find on our website at least yeah that helped out quite a bit alien compound. I put some crazy crawler foam in them, the soft stuff, the stock foam with the pit bulls is a little too heavy little same two step, same foams, front and rear, same foams, front and rear, and after that I decided need a little weight.

Cuz stock weighs in just around 5 pounds. Can we check out your body really quick what you had to do to it to accommodate this bumper? So you just got ta trim the black fenders there. Yes, so it’s a whole separate, lexan piece on the bottom: yep it’s trim the black. You cut off there’s a little line even set for you to to follow so you don’t need to worry about messing it up, that’s cool and then are these. The LEDs that are included – those are the LEDs included with a little bit of yellow spray paint autumn. Some of the other things put the battery up front. With a little bit of hook, loop tape, I moved the ESC into the battery tray, just just cuz. You know try to make it a little cleaner. We put right here is, I think, they’re 46 gram brass weights from SSD right in here I used samox brass spring cups, 370 TBL. Just because you know more torque equals more gooder and then, if you can see it here, we have the samox brass front. Bumper mount oh yeah that added a bit of weight as well and then also if you can see the little bit of brass up there that’s element so yeah more to come with it, but it’s, just starting out awesome. So there’s, quite a bit here to chris, has changed and he has really taken advantage of the different body configurations that are offered right out of the box.

Now, in its completely stock form, the body comes with many hard plastic scale pieces pre attached to the body like the front grille, the windshield wipers, the fenders, the door handles this side, window b, pillars, the rear, bumper and the rear visor. But there are more plastic pieces included, there’s side mirrors. You can attach there’s a snorkel there’s, a roof rack there’s a different front bumper you can attach, and bumper d rings and two LEDs for that bumper included. All that you can install on the body yourself. If you want to now, this is the bumper that Chris installed on his truck with the LEDs, and then he also attached the included roof rack. So this body includes some pretty nice scale of bits, offering the flexibility for you to customize the body for whatever style, or look that you’re going for plus once you start cutting out the decals that are included for the different body panels and put them on the Body, along with the scale parts, this body really starts to come to life for the rest of the truck chassis, it’s, pretty dang standard with steel frame rails, a four link rear end chassis mounted servo, with an optional servo mount for a second winch servo. Telescoping plastic drive shafts with an aluminum center spline and aluminum motor mount and metal gears used throughout it’s, pretty much what you would expect out of a trail truck with the addition of that cool IFS front suspension for battery use.

The truck comes equipped with a shorty battery tray using two velcro straps to accommodate a lot of different sized batteries. If you want to use full sized stick packs, there is a full size, stick pack battery tray included for you to swap them out. If, for some reason, you don’t, like the IFS system, most of the parts needed for that solid axle front end are included. So you could swap those out too. Now we haven’t even talked about all the electronics, but the included SC 400x brushed ESC is a 2 and 3 cell lipo compatible. It features a Deans or tee style plug, and it has these dual power plugs for attaching lights. The motor is a 16 turn brushed motor and it’s really smooth on the bottom end. The top speed of the truck isn’t much but the bottom end is especially smooth and not jerky at all. The servo is a Reedy 1320 mg metal gear servo, and it worked. Okay for us now, one last really cool unique feature about this truck is the use of its stealth ex transmission. Now, at first glance, it looks like a simple three gear transmission, but it has a lot of adjustability. For starters, you can easily overdrive this transmission and in fact the truck is over driven slightly out of the box. You can further increase this overdrive if you want to, or you can configure the transmission to have no overdrive. Another cool thing about the transmission is, you can flop it in either directions.

It comes with the motor on the left, but you can flop it to put the motor on the right if you want to you’ll need an optional top shaft to make it work, but it is possible to do pretty easily so the trail runner with that ifs, Is a pretty dang cool truck it’s, certainly a one of a kind being the only fully complete truck to include an independent front suspension and then aside, that there is so much flexibility in configurations that you can do with the body. The chassis put the solid axle back on there. You could really modify this truck to the moon, oh and the box turns inside out and it’s like a scale garage which now is pretty dang cool man.