2021 um. This is technically my second video. My first video was just a test run and see how um my channel will work, and so i uploaded that as only a few seconds wrong, but this is actually going to be a real video. So today, i’m going to be reviewing my rc car and telling you the price and what it’s called and all the different things that go into it all right, let’s get into it. So we’re going to start with the basics here, and so this is the controller here now i’m going to go everything about this controller here and it might look pretty cool after i tell you about it. So the first step is when you get it in the package: it’s going to be all unbundled up in a box with the rc car, obviously and um. So this is the remote and um you need to power it, and so it has this box. Under the controller, you lift it up, you push it out and it already comes with three double a batteries in the package. Um, all you need to put all you need to do is install them um. So you do. You know where it tells you to put the plus and minuses at the spring, with the flat and um yeah um. Then you have some stickers over here: 2.4 ghc i’m, going to get into that later and don’t recycle it made in china and a bunch of other symbols.

Okay, now here are the button components, um so st rate. That means steering rate. That means how how much do you want your car to turn? So if you had it all the way down to zero uh, your car wouldn’t turn at all, if you have up to 10 it’s really good at turning all right. So i have my. I have mine at 10 minute 10.. Th rate is also known. As throttle rate i mean uh. Sorry, th trim is also known as throttle trim, which is basically how fast you want your car to go. Throttle is another word for speed, and so i have this all the way to 10. That means that it can go the fastest it can and i’ll get into more on how fast it can go. St trim is also not a steering trim um. This is um. If you want it at zero, this is, if you want to have it perfectly aligned. So when you have the um the right and the left wheels when they’re turning you want them to be as straight as possible. That’S why? I have mine at zero. If you have it at five, then the car is going to turn up really fast, far like right and if you have it on five on the on the left side, it’s gon na go very far left all right. Next up here is the antenna um. Yours won’t, look like this, but i am kind of modified mine.

A little um there used to be a sticker on here, um and i actually um unscrewed all these screws, because i had a problem with the car um that i’ll get into later on, and i um put the antenna out and i’ll talk about that later um. This is just a fake antenna just to make it look cool, you might think it’s an antenna, but actually the antenna is actually right in the middle here and that’s the antenna right there all right. The next thing is the steering wheel. Yes, it’s meant to be looked like a steering wheel. It’S more looks like a tire um, but it’s like it looks really cool, and you have this really nice foam soft foam on the top here and then you can move it right and so i’m going to show you which ways to move it. So if you are a right handed person right – and you have your right hand on here, then you use your left hand and you go over it. You go over it and forward, i believe, is, is to the right and backwards is to the left. So that means that whenever you move this tire forward, the car over there is going to move to the right. If you move this backward it’s going to move to the left using the two tires in the front, all right, the next part and the most important part – is the um trigger.

So this is a trigger um. What you do is you put your finger inside right here and you pull down on here now you can do this, pull up or pull down pull down is when you want to go forward. So the more you pull down the more fast it’ll go and it’ll go forward. If you go, if you want to go backward, you put this up and you go backward. The more you put backward, the more faster it will go so yeah that’s, the basics of the um controller and now let’s move on to the car. If you thought the controller was a lot more is was complex. This is definitely a lot more complex. I have a lot to talk about here, so i might uh have ended up splitting this up and two different videos. We’Ll have to see. So this is the car here now it comes in two different um uh, two different ways you can have it and um we’re gon na start off to the front and we’re gon na go to the back all right. So these right here are headlights right um. When you turn the car on, these lights will flash and you can use them for when you have the car in the dark, then you have these um springs here, and here also here and here to make the car bounce and that’s to give it. You know. So it can go up the curb and it can uh do less damage to the car all right um.

Then you have the actu actual axle of the vehicle um now my tires are a little worn out. I’Ve had these for about two three months and um. The your car will not look like this um it’ll. Look a lot nicer, but i’ll show you an example: tire that i have in the back there, that you must that you already saw um and then so yeah you have the the axle that is um rotating. These two cars so yeah these two front are actually the turning um mechanism, so it goes left and right and i’ll get more into that once i take this off all right. So yes, this is a little cover here. To make it look, nice, you get a little um passenger there with a helmet on um. It is a 4×4 that is true and it can go off road, so um you’re gon na watch my a separate video for that uh coming out after this video. So then, you’ll see a little bit more of the interior. There i’ll get into that um and you have these back tires. These back tires. Um are the um. The more you know throttle as i talked about in the um, steering the steering uh. You know the controller where throttle means speed, so this is where the most speed comes from. Even though this is a four wheel, all drive vehicle um. It usually comes from the back, but all these four wheels can move at once that’s.

What four by four means? Where all four wheels are moving at the same time, all right uh, then you have a bumper back here. I forgot to mention there’s that bumper, in the front where the led lights are that’s, just uh um in case anything. You know we don’t want anything to happen to the car, so put there’s bumpers back here. Um now you have this um tire um. This tire is an actual tire that if one of your tires fall off, you can actually use this as a replacement tire, which is pretty awesome, because i had the exact same car as this and um. I kind of erected a little and uh one of the wheels fell off and i was able to replace it um, but i ended up getting a new one, anyways i’ll get into that later, and so we have this right here, and this is what your your Tile will look like when you buy the car, look nice and new um nice and shiny and everything all right now, i’m gon na take this cover off and yeah um. I was gon na jump, cut it, but um i’m gon na show you how to take this off. So you get the car like this and you’re gon na need. You’Re gon na see these little um metal pins here here and here all you’re gon na need to do is take the pins out so i’m gon na use my two fingers and i’m gon na lightly squeeze on them and i’m, not taking them out, sometimes they’re.

A little difficult um, since my car is a little older. You should have no problems, um, so yeah. Let me uh open this all right. I got those two back ones off so that’s, that’s um are the two front ones off um. Now there is actually two back ones, but um one of the pegs actually broke off when i was using my car. So i can only use one but that’s okay, because we still have two in the front and it still keeps the shell on so i’m gon na. Remove that right here. Just do the same, as i told you guys to do last time and you should be able to just pop it off here all right. Let me pop that off all right now, as you have everything popped off, you’re able to lift this right here. Take that off and then you’re just able to slide this off and put it to the side now. This is all the main components that you get in your car. Now you have a two wires running from these: the led lights running to the actual um uh transmitter here, and that is where everything hooks together now let’s start um with the with the basics. Here this is actually the battery, and so we want to unconnect this really quick. Let me just one quick all right, i uh unquote on on equip that now you can also put a pin in here um.

I just didn’t put one because um it’s a lot easier to just take it off without the pin, and then you have your battery. I also like to put the little um. This is to use to charge it i’ll get into that later. Um, i put it inside the little hole there, because that um helps it from not getting dragged on the floor when the car is actually moving. So, yes, this is the battery here, uh and um. If you want to know anything about the battery um there, it is so if you want to get a replacement one, that is your information, and here are the two uh, the three components of the battery number one. This is the box uh. I think there’s, two batteries in one um and it makes a very big battery and you also have your charging port right here, where you plug into the um charger, and you also have your um your power. So you connect this to the actual car and it makes it go. The next part of the car is the motor. So yes, this is the motor right here um. This blue thing is actually a cooling mechanism and it uses to disperse the the um hot air out into the actual um air around it and um. It cools the engine off everest a lot, and then you have your two power cords hooked up right here. So you have the red and the and the in the in the black right here and those wires actually connect to the um main motherboard that i like to call it so uh to the main motherboard um.

Yes, this is a little switch says on and off so this the car is off right now and if i push it forward, um the car is gon na go on so i’m gon na turn it off right now, um. These two wires are connected um in between all this and and all you know, from the leds into all this little mess here, it’s nice, because the manufacturers put a zip tie around it, so they don’t make a it. Doesn’T make a big big mess and they’re all connected and everything. So you should have no worry about connecting, or you know doing anything like that. All right now, i’m, going to tell you about the um incident that i have with my car um. The one thing that is that i have a problem with with my car is that the wheels they actually like really um, they lose a lot of their. You could say: grip um when they’re actually used for a period of time. Let’S say you use them for like two three months, they’re going to look like this. If you turn a lot and you stop a lot and you go forward and backward it causes this one way to prevent. This is definitely just to just just take it easy. You know don’t turn so much take it easy on the turns and that will actually help your um, your grip, so yeah all right now, i’m, going to show you the charging mechanism and then i’ll wrap it all up.

Also in your um box that you also got you should have gotten another battery, so while you’re using your car right here, you can charge this battery and then, when your car’s battery is done, you can use this battery and use it again, which is a really Good um helpful feature that they implemented all right. This is the charging cable. Now what you do with the charging table um see, i showed you this port earlier um it’s, the um, the charging, um cable, and so you see these little prongs on the top here. If i get my camera to focus, you see those little prongs in the top of that charging port right. Well, you have to actually line them up with the prongs inside here. So you see these little outlines here well, that’s, where you have to put the prongs. So, if i could just put this this in here, you’ll now see that the prongs actually lined up with the charger. Now, once you have that you don’t, you do not want to put it the other way, because that will mess it up. So do not put it the other way, or else it will cause problems all right. Then you have this side right here. Everyone should be familiar with this um it’s, a usb port, so you use it for your your phone um. I have a simple apple charger here: five watt apple charger um and you plug it in right here right, so you plug it in right there once you have that plugged in you’ll.

Take it over to your nearest outlet. If you have an outlet here and you’ll plug it, in now, there will be two lights. The red light is showing that the um actual thing is on and the green light is showing that it’s charging, so the green light blinking. It means that the battery is hooked up right here, it’s hooked up and it’s charging. If you take the battery out like this, take it and you take it out. The green light will go away. Okay, now, if you plug it back in it will do the same thing once your battery right here is fully charged. The green light that you just saw blinking will be solid, so if, as soon as you’ve seen that solid green light, you can take this out and you can plug it into your car and you’ll, be on your way to success. The one other thing that the um the car gives is um a bunch of pieces um. This right here is a bolt um that’s used. When you want to replace the tire that i showed you here um and then you also have extras um extra pins that you use for the cover that you want to nail the cover on on the little pegs. Then you also have two little black pieces for on the tires that’s going to be all everyone. Thank you so much for watching. I would really love it if you leave a like down below um and i would really enjoy if we could get the to five subscribers by the end of april, and so yes, thank you very much for watching and i’ll see you guys in the next one.