What is up you guys welcome back to the channel. My name is edgar and welcome to go fast rc. So today i have a very special truck sitting right here and obviously you guys can see it is the revo 3.3. I have been waiting for this truck for so long literally i’ve been waiting for months to get this truck um a couple of months ago, i actually had to thank my guy ponzi on discord. He’S, the one that told me that traxxas regals are back in stock and i was like i don’t know, and then i decided yes well: i’m, probably gon na own one of the coolest nitro monster trucks that you can get let’s take a quick little gander at The box, just so you guys, can know what is included. What color i got before. We even see it so let’s. Take a quick look, all right, so bam. We are right here. Looking at the truck, it is freaking cool, well we’re, not looking at the truck, but we are looking at the box, so let’s take a quick little look. Of course, it’s got revo giant 3.3 45 miles an hour i’m sure that this is with like an optional clutch belt and 30 nitro, which i will not run let’s. Take a quick little look there’s the front let’s. Look at this side really quick! So it’s got a super sweet picture of it. I got the green color. These are the included accessories.

We got the receiver pack, the 7.2 for the for the rotostart. We got a new fuel bottle extra glow, plug some extra air filters and some quote: precision tools. Let’S, take a quick little look at this side over here, so you can see the full thing you can see the full chassis which i’m really excited about i’m. So excited we got the easy start thing which is it’s okay, then we have 150 cc fuel tank and a large two stage. Air filter, resonator tuned, pipe, which i really like. Then we got this here, which it shows us the diff, the power difference or the power difference. I don’t know how true this is, but apparently the 3.3 has 60 more power, which is good to know. So you guys can see. The box is a little crunched, but you know it’s all right as long as the truck’s fine, i’m good, so it’s got what’s inside the, so it’s got what’s inside the box, pretty much all the standard stuff that we just saw on the other side. What you’ll need to run it, so you got traxxas top feel. Of course we already have that, so you guys say it sucks, but i like it, it’s got the tqi radio, with the bluetooth module so i’m going to be doing some pretty cool stuff, with the with the bluetooth, module and it’ll be really cool. This is a skill level, 4 truck a clean 45 miles, an hour which you guys already saw ready to race, with everything included all right, let’s quit looking at the box i’m tired of looking at the box.

I just want to see the freaking truck all right. So, i’m, not really going to have my face included on this, because you guys you guys don’t, really care about. Looking at this, you care about. Looking at this, so let’s take a quick little let’s open up the box. I already cut the box. I already looked inside, but i didn’t open anything and i haven’t even seen the truck so i’m super excited let’s open this bad boy up all right so in here got the radio it’s a standard, traxxas radio. You got your switch right here for the uh for the reverse, then in here we got our. We got our nickel metal hydride pack for our easy start, which is to be expected. Okay, move the styrofoam. What oh? This is so freaking cool. Okay. So before i take out the truck, let me take out pretty much all this extra stuff in here. So that way we won’t have anything super cluttered. So in this bag right here we have everything we need um. We have spare body clips, we have our air, we have our air filter elements, we have our charger, we have our easy start wand, but there’s also a really cool feature, and this thing actually includes a long travel kit for this truck. So you can get even more travel than this thing already has and um i’m definitely gon na do that in the video coming soon so yeah and as well as coming with all this stuff.

We also get a spare fuel bottle which i’ll just throw over there, because i already have like four of them, but this is so freaking cool. Now, let’s, look at the good stuff all right! So now is the big moment: i’m, not i’m, not cutting the video or anything, because i want you guys to experience this with me. There is nothing like grabbing a brand new traxxas. Also, the smell of the tires is unbelievable. All right. Look at this. Let me adjust the camera for you guys. Oh my gosh. This is so freaking awesome. Look at that hang on. Let me move the box, i don’t think there’s anything else in it. We should be good, so let’s take off this um wrapping paper or let’s. Take off this plastic and we will see what this thing looks like. Oh, oh, my god, you, if you guys don’t, know this. I have never actually seen one of these in person. Well, i’ve seen one in person but like from a distance i’ve, never actually been able to like hold a truck or take a really close look at it. So this is freaking awesome all right. So actually let me let me give you guys a quick montage Music. All right, so we are getting up close and personal with this truck, i want to show you guys some of the super cool features about this truck and i’m, also going to tell you guys some of the changes that i’m planning to do to this truck.

For the new build series, i’m going to be doing called, building the ultimate revo, which hopefully will start pretty soon so let’s dive into it. Alright, so the first really cool thing with this truck is that it comes with dual steering servos, because with a truck this big it’s, it’s gon na need dual steering servos, so you can see underneath so you can see underneath it’s got dual steering. Servos it’s also got the nice servo guards which are actually upgraded on the t max, but on this truck it comes stock which is freaking, awesome and also a really cool upgrade. Is these shocks. These shocks would normally be a 50 to 100 upgrade for any other truck, but it comes with ptfe coated shock bodies. It comes with a bigger bore, piston, and it comes with titanium nitride coated shock shafts, which is honestly a super smooth suspension setup but i’m gon na be honest. The shock oil does feel a little light for my taste in my in my t max. That thing has 30 weight in each sock, equaling to about 60 weight each corner, so i think one of the first things i’m going to do after i break it in is i’m going to change out my shock oil from whatever weight. This comes with to probably 30 weight, but it also comes with a nice 3.3 engine with a super clean, resonator pipe, which honestly is super freaking nice shut up dog.

This is gon na seem a little dumb, but one of the coolest features to me about this truck is this: is that it’s rear exhaust all the exhaust comes out the back end, and what this means is that you’re, not gon na, have all kinds of gunk On the rear, end it’s all gon na be shooting outside here, which is so cool. Another super cool feature, but honestly i’m going to get rid of it is the opti drive. This is a it’s it’s, a cool feature, but i hear that this honestly causes more problems than it is useful, so i’m definitely going to be getting rid of that putting in a forward only into this truck. There will be a video on that. It will be a part of building the ultimate revo and um yeah that’s, pretty much it also. A super cool feature is that this comes with bluetooth. It comes with the traxxas link app, which will allow you to pretty much know all kinds of information from the tap of a button, which honestly is super cool all right, so these trucks are actually pretty big on my desk, but here it is here is the Revo, compared to my tmax 2.5, give you guys a little bit of a up shot or give you guys a little bit of a shot from up top. You guys can clearly tell that the revo 3.3 is longer and wider than the truck it’s.

Just a bigger truck than the t max 2.5, so let me go grab my dad’s 3.3. Keep in mind. My dad does have upgraded wheels and tires on his truck, but i think the t max, i think i think my dad’s t max – is still not as wide as this revo. Let me go get it really quick all right so here it is compared to my dad’s three t max 3.3, and you can still tell that that the revo is still wider than the 3.3, even with the upgraded wheels and tires now the upgraded wheels and tires These are bigger and wider, but they’re not they don’t make the g max nearly as wide as my revo and what a wider, what a wider standing truck means. It just means it’s, more stable and more flat in the corners, and it just makes it easier to drive now. Excuse excuse the mess. This is not my truck. This is my dad’s truck. Excuse the mess but it’s a t max. You know they can take a little bit of abuse and um. I hope we re. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching like comment and subscribe, stay on the tune, stay on the lookout for building the ultimate revo series. It is gon na be slow because i i don’t have a lot of money, but it will be awesome.