Today we will be reviewing the rgt ex 86100 um it’s, a new release of what rgt’s brought out it’s. Basically, a re re construction of the rgt version, uh two, but it’s just a little bit better with much better components. Okay, so what you get with the rig you get the remote 2.4 for batteries. You get the instruction manual with your user parts. You know everything that’s got in the rig, as you can see, but a lot of description parts that is in there you get a snorkel. You get your four um door handles you’ve got your windscreen wipers and plus you’ve got your barn, cable and your antenna stick. Also included is the charger for the battery all right, so the rig comes with full scale detail. Look all the add. Ons on the black is harder than what the plastic of the body is, so that actually quite gives it a bit more durability and a little bit more scale. Look. You got skid plates on the side. Yeah, functional spare wheel, a place to put a ball out and plus they’ve, even cut a hole out, so you can put the plug down there. Um scale mirrors. If we turn the rig upside down, we’ve got a panhard uh suspension in front full link at the back and in front what you can do to maximize your flex is either remove the panhard or you can remove one of your inner shorter link bars.

It allows the flex in the front to travel a little bit better as a running rig coming out of the box. I won’t lie i’m impressed it’s, put a quite a bit of rigs out there to the test being the scx 10. 2.0. 10.2 um. This. This rig is quite remarkably uh capable, as we take the cover off, you can see they actually integrated, uh backlight buckets in there with leds, so all you’ve got to do is plug it into the receiver, which is great all right, so we’ve got center transmission um. Obviously, with your telescopic front and back props we’ve got waterproof uh box here, so all you got to do is, and this is actually a word of advice – just dab some silicon in there um there’s a little hole over there for your aerial to go in. But if you put your aerial um little telescopic, poppin it’s too high, even if you chop it, the cable still will try out because of the bonnet, but regardless you don’t need it. So all you do is just put a little bit of silicon in there and you a throw away to put this thing in order other than that out of the box. This rig here is a competitive rig. I personally myself run them. Majority of my traxxas have gone on holiday, become shelf queens. This rig here is really durable, very very minimal upgrades to be done to make this rig a comp, brick.

We are bringing in at the moment the other rgts as well. So please do stay tuned and look out for those they will be launching very soon. The fj is one of them um away love. Bringing these in has never ever been a comeback. These rigs are really durable. They are really able to do what the most expensive rigs are able to do like the traxxas um. You know you you, if you’re on a budget. This is the rig that you’re looking for guys. Thank you so much for taking the time and the possibilities to like my page. I do really appreciate it and stay tuned for many more to come.