This is not related to the battlebot build, but it’s kind of along with same general orientation, but i got a new toy, so i’ll go ahead and unbox it for you here today. This just showed up. I don’t know 15 minutes ago came from china, but it doesn’t so go ahead and open it up and see what we think and we have not seen an actual video on. I think we pretty much just came out we’re, not 100 sure and the wife she has an rgt crawler. The jeep should put a number up here what it is, but i wanted something different. So i found this one on their website and i’m like well. Let’S. Give it a try, so we ordered it, and it is here this one’s called the trample supposed to have a decent radio with it, which i think is just dumbboard dumbborg radio i’m supposed to have a 550 motor in it. We’Ll see we got a whole bunch of stickers along with the instruction manual, and we won’t do that. Music for the body looks pretty good and i already noticed a problem. Both body mounts are broken, sounds snapped off and that one’s snapped off should be a fairly easy fix, but it’s always discouraging when you see that right out of the box, because that’s actually the mounts that are still on it, but zip ties down there and it’s. Never nice to see two when you see a a bar hanging from underneath it let’s see what that guy knows.

Oh that was easy, but there she is, the shocks are really good. The receiver is not a little tape came with the receiver. There again easy fix. You just had a really good articulation on everything that flex that’s a whole lot of flexor. Do we got we got from here bottom of the tile to retire to the table. Seven inches right there, so that’s definitely got some pretty good articulation angle. The tires are feel nice they’re, not real hard. It shows we got a 17 turn motor in it rgt. It says it’s a 550. It looks a little smaller than that, but it looks like a 540 but we’ll see. That was one of the main reasons i liked about this, one on the bigger engine or bigger, motor and it’s supposed to have all metal gears, metal gears and differentials transmission, everything and filtering metal gears on it. This is all aluminum frame. Like anything comes with a nickel metal hydride battery, we got a 2000 milliamp battery which i’ll let the wife use this for her car. So she has two that way. I’Ll put a lipo in this. I am going to go ahead and run it right out of the box on this battery. Just so, we can get a comparison stock to stock we’re going gon na do a comparison of this one versus her crawler. Just so we can see the differences and everyone else can see the differences too, because we were curious.

So so let me go ahead and get this on the charger and then well before i do that. Let’S go ahead and unbox the the radio let’s see what the radio looks like i’ll set that there well it’s, not a dumb work. Radio like i was thinking it was supposed to be um actually set on. There is supposed to have four channels. This one appears it’s a three channel which and that charger will not do me any good in america, but i’ve got others so there’s the radio it’s nothing fancy um does have a little foamy on the grip there. So this is the exact same radio that came with her crawler, but her seemed to work. Fine, so we’ll see how that goes. Four double a batteries and, like i said, while i’m waiting, the batteries to charge i’m gon na go ahead and swap these around. I think the this one’s got enough holes. I can switch it to the back and it’ll still bolt in without any problems and now i’ll go ahead and contact the company on that body mount and see if they want to do that. For me, or not and i’ll, let you guys know um. I know there’s tons and tons of parts out here for these things, but it’s always nice to see how a company takes care of yes, so i’ll try to actually have the company take care of it. Instead of me, obviously it’s not worth sending it back for those little mounts, there’s that one taken care of so now the front ones.

I have to do a little more courage. Creation on i’ll probably just glue those back together, but so the battery gets charged. I’Ll get back i’m hoping you can see this here house working on my mounts and here’s what i came up with to fix my mounts. This was originally the back one that was broken off. So what i did i went ahead and hoping you can see it went ahead and cut these off smooth and i drilled a hole in it. The same size as the old pin – and this was the pin off the back of the broken – is too long. So now i’m going to go ahead and slide them in together put a screw in them good as new. So i think that should be really good. It should have just enough adjustment still, so i can move it up and down to get the body height right. All right got my body mounts all fixed um. I went ahead and notched this bumper a little bit. The bumper was actually hitting on the servo arm um. So we, when we pushed it down, it was actually just barely catching on the end. So i just took a little knife and just barely shaved it off. So now that clear, doesn’t hit anymore, these little mounts actually uh still hit the servo, so it does limit range there, a little bit if it’s a problem i’ll end up just getting rid of the bumper after even reading the instruction books and stuff.

This is not the radio that this is supposed to come with. It is supposed to come with the it’s like dumborg radio, again they’re, a cheap radio, but they’re apparently good, and they are, i think, a four or six channel radio where this is. It says it’s a three channel radio, but i don’t know um it’s the same as what the wife’s crawler has in it. So it wasn’t a bad radio but it’s not as good as the one that’s supposed to be with it. So we’re gon na go ahead, and i like that the battery’s mounted up front here to help with weight. Pretty good steering angle looks like there. Music radio seems to do a decent job of control. Mishka leave it mishka leave it. The body does hit the tires. Yeah, whenever you go around the corner, real hard, which i’d normally adjust that up a little bit for clearance. But since i don’t have any more movement on my pins, okay, so running around the yard a little bit. There is by no means fast, and i have noticed that the body is actually rubbing on the tires a little bit when you turn real hard or get too much articulation so i’m have to do a little trimming there or something normally. I could move my body mounts up a little ways, but since they were broken – and i shortened them up – i can’t adjust them so i’ll either have to get some new ones or trim.

The body we’ll see we’re going to take it over to our little truck. Crawler course we just started: we’ve got a couple options in there, we’ll see how it does Music Music Music. Definitely oh! Well! I was going to say it just because i have heard it too many times on youtube videos, tumble wumble, which some people will know exactly what i’m talking about there i don’t. I see a piece of bark fell on my uh 100 uh Music let’s go back now. I haven’t got to try this yet mishka. You got water tires, it’s, easier, uh, Music! Stop me it’s pretty much. The end we don’t have right now tires. Are everything mine can’t make it up the ramp? Well so far, everything has worked out pretty good um, like i said there was a few little minor things right out of the box there, the mounts being broken, which hopefully, like i said, they’ll, send me some new ones, um, i think with the body rubbing. If i could adjust these up a whole or two, it would actually take care of the body rubbing without me having to trim the body the bumper hitting the servo there it’s, not that big of a deal it didn’t seem to affect much. It still performed rather well got back here and have noticed that half or more of the screws are actually very, very loose so going through. Tightening all those guys up battery lasted about 20 minutes on this one uh mine was getting low.

Hers was still running strong, which i have a 550. She has a ‘0 something you know difference there. All to me it was a pretty good truck. Can’T beat it for the price i don’t think anyway. Definitely i like the tires on it. They seem to do rather well. The frame seems rather stiff suspension. Very soft um seems pretty good. I will play with this a little bit see if there’s, actually any oil in the shocks turn out they they feel pretty good. I may not mess with it again. It’S, not a basher it’s, a crawler so and that one is broken just saw that that end link right. That actually could be the reason that one kept popping off. I think it was this one yeah. It was this one that kept popping off and it’s actually broken right there, so it was probably broken in the package area, something like when i saw it but again, we’ll see if we’ll take care of that or not, if not they’re, very cheap. Any questions hit us up remember to like and subscribe.