Insiders today were going to introduce to introduce you guys to riario rc uh. They sent us this cool 118 scale. Basher um looks to be really cool, guys were just going to take it out of the box real quick here and then were going to get right to the review. This is what comes in the box. We got our super cool re ario transmitter on here. We have throttle trim, steering rate and your steering trim a lot of guys. Like me, i know for a long time i didnt know what all these buttons really meant, but throttle trim is basically so you can control the speed of the vehicle uh. Your steering rate will will determine how far left and right you can turn it. It does have proportional steering guys. So this is actually like a hot cool little hobby grade, rc truck pretty nice uh little controller. Only thing you will need guys. Three double aaa batteries, charge up those batteries and youre good to go uh. What else is in here? Okay yeah. This is the little box that came in it Music when all else fails rip it. So what do we got here? We got a cool, little screwdriver, nice little four way: lug wrench and, of course, some extra body clips everything you would expect in a nice little hobby grade rc car and then, of course you got your battery. I think it was a 7.4 volt, 850 milliamp lipo battery.

We do got one charged up guys. The charge time on the batteries took about 35 to 40 minutes to get a full charge and thats just your standard, usb charger there. So you do get two batteries with the riario and of course, as always, this is what we really came to see the sweet little 118 basher and it already has a couple guys inside guys. Um were going to call them dave and chuck thats a local morning. Show here in detroit that we listen to dave and chuck the freak check them out on 101, w no im just kidding uh. They are pretty funny, though so were going to call these guys, dave and chug. So it comes with your your normal spring shocks on it guys it does have a cool little wheelie bar on here. I hope it means that it has enough power to do wheelies. It does have four wheel, independent suspension on it and the tires. Are your standard rubber tires uh nice grips on them just take a quick look underneath and then well get out here and get right to the review, but you can see it really actually is a hobby great rc guys it already has the lights set up on Your top and youll also have headlights on the front. It has a 380 brushed motor, oh its getting windy guys. I love it and it does come with that cool little uh blue heat sink on the engine there and the connectors for the batteries guys are deans, which is convenient because a lot of stuff has deans and theres your esc right there.

So pretty neat looking underneath guys, uh all hobby grade stuff, you can see all the little phillips screws. So if we break anything which im sure we will no biggie all happy great stuff, all right guys were going to start out with the riario monster truck. Well get out here and do a distance test with it and check out some kind of the speeds with it and then well just bash it around and see what we think all right, all right guys lets. First, things first see how far we can get out of the control range still going pretty good, wow thats, even better than that. Last little 118. We did oh nope. It was still going all right all right right there. She stopped well walk that off and well see you way down there all right guys controlling control range on the reo uh was 330 feet just a little over 330 feet, so excellent range uh glad to see that um theres some controversy going around all right guys Is this riario or is it low um? My best guess is until i get clarification from the company im, calling it riario, because everythings caps on all the boxes and stuff and theres no little nolo hook on the bottom of the l. So as of right now, this is the riario until until we hear different so lets check out that cool thing, like guys, like i said, um throttle, trim so turn that all the way down you got somebody just starting out thats the speed right there get them.

Nice and comfortable with it its a great speed to uh, you know, get started out with those little lights on the front. Man them look cool and then well you just dial that up on your throttle, trim there say about half speed, get a little bit of spin out action. There! Applause! Oh yes, our first crash with the art radario that didnt take long all right guys and then well dial it all the way up there and well see what it does. Significant speed increase Applause, the 118 scale donuts guys love it. Oh yeah lets crash it and beat it up and see if it works got some further thick grass up there. Applause, oh almost saved that bale Applause lets go check out this slow. Oh, my god, Applause all right, guys, two crashes in so far ran it right into uh, one of them yellow poles over there. Just like that. Last little 118, guys uh. This things got some good pep on. It gets right up the top speed. Almost immediately Applause lets check the brakes on it. Applause good brakes, good reverse lets, go check out this hill Applause, oh Music. How did we not crash there Applause? You must make it up this way. Applause yeah made it Applause, yeah Applause. You know. I saved that on purpose: oh thats, more like it. I did not do that, get off that hill Applause Applause, its Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, so Applause, okay, Music, Applause! Oh, oh, what a save guys! Thats called a professional rc car driver right.

There buddy get up there: oh no Applause, Applause, Music, oh Music, so Applause, so Applause, Applause, Music, all right guys! So what did you think of the riario? Now if anybody knows for certain that its rl rolardo? Let me know, but im going with riario for now, because it just it sounds. It sounds easier to pronounce than the lardo so riario all right guys we bashed it all the way out. First battery uh, we got about 17 minutes on the first one uh. I would imagine if youre not, you know, continuously bashing it around like that youre, probably going to get at least 20 to 24 25. Maybe, but we got 17 minutes, and that was just basically all out bashing it giving it everything its got. Turning radius on the car, excellent, the four wheel, drive worked perfectly. The range like i said, 330 feet is excellent range. That really surprised me. The independent suspension handled the terrain. You know pretty well: four wheel drive got it up, some hills that i didnt think it would make it um pretty cool little deal, the dual wheelie bar that did actually help when youre, when youre doing some steep slopes like that, although i managed to crash it Quite a bit but thats half the fun right guys, no bash is fun until youre upside down. All right uh definitely going to give this one two thumbs up guys. If you want to check it out, of course, ill link it in the description you can check it out, but uh real happy.

Riario, 4×4 118 scale monster truck uh two thumbs up guys, i hope youre all doing good hope youre enjoying summer uh. I know i am uh, i can almost taste fall in the air already and i dont like that uh having fun this summer, all right guys uh enjoy it until next time.