Look at his georgia estate i’m saying morning, glory rise and grind. Yes, yes, it’s a beautiful morning. You want to hear what you want to hear. Do you hear what you need to hear all right, it’s time to get up off your lazy mother because there’s some rich mother, somewhere that’s up early this morning, they ain’t going hard? Oh they bad uh. They next step all that mom wan na hit that man, if you wan na, hear the truth. Nobody don’t wan na hear that your kids don’t wan na hear that your colleagues, your co workers, your boss, most definitely don’t, give a how you feel, because you know what they want results homie they want to make it to the top. They want to be number one on the list and they can’t do it with a colleague or a mother partner. Like you, a lazy that ain’t trying to break new berries, okay, it’s only right, let’s, see let’s, see how we gon na do this. Oh, we doing it like the biggest ball, should number one run up top number one rose and the most sought after ball. There is in the game the blue bottom that’s. What i’m talking about it’s on you? If you gon na do what the you need to do, what you want to do, man, i don’t, know man, i don’t know what you want to do. All i know is: i want to go hard. So when i get off video with y’all i’mma call somebody that ain’t even expecting my call and talk to him and tell him hey man.

I need you to do this for me and i ain’t even really need him to do it. I just want him to do it, let’s see if we can get it done cause when they call me i’m gon na come through for them that’s what the loyalty about in it it’s about loyalty, ain’t, no loners out here, man, this ain’t, even all that y’all See that tractor over there you heard me i’ll, come cut your mama aggressive you ain’t doing it. I’Ll come cut your mama grass, i don’t even know if my tractor could fit in your goddamn yard or through the gate, but i’ll come cut that come on. Come on one of one you see this two years ago. My sister got me this for christmas. This was 190 000. I want to say 1959 flawless, one owner and then this right here, this 101. it’s one on one, you can’t, even buy this from me. Music y’all was, i saw. Y’All was uh entertained by me talking about this the other day, but y’all still ain’t getting the year right. Look at him. He telling you to look up in the sky that’s, the 57, no man it’s the air version of the station wagon and it’s a little motivation for the hustle. This for you, viewers, like me, stay at home, watch cartoons and know you wanted a ferrari, a lambo and everything else. You wanted now it’s time to go, get it let’s network baby, let’s network, come on we’re, just warming up let’s go Music morning, brother 93! God is the greatest, like is all about hard work dedication, but you got to enjoy it.

It’S meant to be fun and you will enjoy it. Let’S bust, our head let’s go hard, let’s cry: let’s go through pain, let’s, go through all the agony that come with success, but guess what that get real natural get real green, like trees, baby, you know what i’m saying that’s when we let the top down and Drink water and when you let the top down for all the squares, leave your windows up, you look better. The hustlers like me leave your windows up with the top down. You know, come on. I ain’t scared join the team. Today, man become a brand ambassador. Ethical official, we partners with a lot of dope people, post wale, new single angles, featuring chris brown. This is my baby right here right. This is shasta trailer. This is this was like a goddamn. You know when in the 60s this was like you know. So if you had a chevy bella, you see the wings on the back kind of remind you of the chevy valley. These, the original you remember these on your mama and your grandma wendell, you remember them. It’S all original i’ll come pick your hoe up in this boy. Imagine this imagine. Rosie came in picture hoping this and took her to the park. That’S the refrigerator that’s, the stove it’s, a couch that’s a bed up there that’s a shower back down this original man. If you had one of these in the 70s, you was a player man, you could have been frying fish, you could have went fishing at the park and fried them right.

There had a sexy mother sitting right there. She could keep crossing her legs, make sure legs shave. Your legs got to be shaved baby with some nice heels on them and, as you can see, we have a film crew out here, ain’t going to tell y’all exactly what’s going on yet, but they just getting out here. But they say my life kind of interesting guys. They want to know what make me move and do what i do, and you know like that, so they want to come. Feel me walk around with my toes out. So i said why not why not i don’t! I never i don’t believe i showed anybody this, but this is my limousine that i purchased right. Why don’t ask me why that’s not important i could but look as a youngster growing up. You always wanted a limousine to ride in the limousine. So many many years ago, when it presented itself, i said i want to keep it and, as you can see, the limousine was flawless very low miles. I haven’t had it for some years and i just never really showed nobody that you know what i mean. So if i came and picked baby, if i came and picked you up in the limo, how would you feel this is just a question for and dear me, the answers? Ladies, ladies, only if i came and picked you up in the limousine, but the rack was full of bel air, the rack so, as you can see this bad for chronicles, but this what i do want you to know if i ever trusted or invested my time.

My love, my energy and my money with into you and you disappointed me. You know how i’m gon na deal with you. I got something for you here go. I got you your own tractor this. Your tractor, this, your truck, come on. Come on come on, come on this, your tractor and guess what i’m gon na make your way cut. You owe me baby. You owe me it’s dedication. Y’All waved in my tractor all right now. Imagine you cutting yours on your tractor. We indebted to each other for life. We made each other a promise. You gave me your word, you would give your all. You owe it to me. You owe me if somebody work at john deere. I want y’all to let him know the biggest boss, ricky rosay said: hi hello, everyone at john deere wow that’s, a john deere bicycle wow that’s, a john deere tractor wow, hello, everyone at john deere, rick ross, said hi on these seats. Look at that! Look at that seat, that’s flawless, Music. I, like you, so much look at that. Look at that! Oh look at that! Look at that baby come on. Why would i lie to you? You see the seat belt, look at it and i’ll. Let you hit that flag. I’M gon na be honest baby. I ain’t gon na pick you up in this it’s just for me to go get money and you heard me that’s it i’m going to get money in this here.

Look at that! That thing got. I got paper masks in this. Like it’s, your great grandma car sunday morning before church, look at them seats come on now come on now see that original wheel. The original now come on, but if i pull up baby, no matter yeah, you know what you know. What i do, if i care for you, i drive it to your house late one night and leave it there in the front yard, so you’re old and they gon na say she finally got her real rich. Now. Look at this look at this look at this. Look at this look at this: the boss edition man, if you’re a boss, you got whips. You should have your own rims too that’s, how i’m thinking one time for calling on forge that’s. Why the real ones with me, because i show the real ones love if i’m doing it and you doing it i’m gon na show you love don’t, even trust, let’s show each other love keep the money. Let’S spin, the love that’s right mean that ain’t that’s, how y’all do me spin? The love that’s been the love i’m going to show you all some when i say original and clean that’s. What i mean look at this. Look at that. Look at that. Your grandma would have peed on herself if your great granddaddy picked up and let her ride that’s all original that’s. Why? I love when i see the cracks on the dash, because this original i love this this day, counting whenever you’ve seen that it was really yummy.

I don’t have this car over 20 years man. Now you see this this, the all gold big hub dayton, it’s the most sought after wheel in the world, the ceo of your favorite rim, company, if they tell you anything other than that, stop with them right now. All gold dating wild wheel, the realms you heard me, i’m gon na put the skirt back on there. You heard me this day, county this day, county boys top you know come on. You see that Music um Music be sure to like comment and subscribe. This right here is one of my favorites. Now this is a huge opportunity: i’m. Looking for the smokey and the banded version, the black and gold version, i wanted to be a 79.