My foot’s just killing me, and so we were trying to come up with something we could do today. I had a brilliant idea: we’re going to do a 2 000 foot descent on the knee scooter on pavement. That was my idea last night and i thought about it for a second. This thing’s got plastic wheels, i’m just i’m out of my mind. Instead, we’re gon na take a little pedal on the gravel bike. We’Re gon na. Take it easy, but we’re gon na put a luggage rack on it, so we can carry something fun to do, and so i have here a luggage rack, a pretty hefty one. I probably could have chose something that was a little lighter weight and i’ve got this little trunk now it looks really small, looks like we can’t really hold that much with this, but you’ll see so this is going to be well. I think one of the easiest, installs we’ve ever done just looks like it bolts on here. Do i bend these out guys? Apparently i don’t know how to i don’t know how to install this, adjust the length and angle of the mounting bracket arms yeah. You bend it, you bend it. It looks good now now i put it on backwards. We’Re doing such a good job on this rack install that we went ahead and did it twice that’s it. So this is kind of cool on these toe peek racks. You have this little bracket on the bottom, so you could just slide it in and then it clips into place and then, when you want to take it off, you push down on this tab over here and it releases it check this out.

You get a bag on either side that can hold a lot more. The quality of this bag is really high. Everything is really sturdy. Everything is really nice, but get something bigger to put a rack on your bike. Just to have this i mean you could just tie a grocery bag to your handlebars or something like that. This is kind of small, but i think it’s gon na hold what i had in mind. Oh yeah, scx 24 just fits in there. Oh there’s more space. In here than i thought we can get two radios in here, no problem here’s, my assistant producer, curtis he’s, got a dirty, looking truck put it in here, zip right up. So now we got a fun activity, because i can only go on a short ride and that’s not going to be enough to get a reward. We can pedal out to some rocks and play a little game with these crawlers. This road is sketchier than some single track, i’ve been on and i like it. I guess they call it rock quarry road for a reason not gon na lie. My foot is bumping, but we’re gon na take a little break from riding and get these things out. Oh, the dirty dirty in the betty turn out all right, we’re ready to crawl challenge number one. You start right here and then you see that big rock with snow. On top of it. You got ta summit that rock from here and honestly like if you fall, it’s gon na be like a mission to get it let’s give her a try.

There are no rules other than you can’t touch it. This thing flips so easy. It is a little top heavy it’s like a special edition and then on top of that, i’ve done no modifications to it, because if i bring my modified crawler out, curtis isn’t gon na stand a chance come on now only thing it’s got going for it is The tires the tires are really good, all right, so i have to get to that snow without flipping. Somehow i’m gon na send it okay. This is where things start to get really tricky. Oh so i got ta bring her down here up here and then somehow turn around and go up. This rock face, which i don’t know if it can try not to flip, try not to slip very slippery uh. Oh, did we get her stuck she wrapped up in pine needles all right now i got ta not mess this up. I got ta get it up on here. There might be some scrappage. I think, you’re out, i think, i’m out all right. Your turn all right. Bringing out the big guns let’s see what you got: curtis i’m gon na scale it all in one. Go all in one: go yeah let’s go! Damn i told you, you wouldn’t stand a chance against me with my modified one. Let’S pretend that didn’t happen since i’m. The editor of this video i’m going to cut out that first part and then, since i’m, the executive producer i’m going to tell you to put it back in.

I didn’t even think this would be an issue right here and he made it that’s, not even the main obstacle here, but one of the tricky parts here is to not get wrapped up in the pine needles. A tight squeeze is that the way i went, i thought so. Oh nicely done what’s your plan here, i’m gon na come right through here like a gazelle. Oh oh man! Oh you got it. Oh, i don’t know what’s gon na happen right here. I i’m gon na make a prediction: you’re gon na fall down in there. Okay check this out. Oh, i think i got. Are you scaling this wall? I think i got it. Oh you got it baby come on. Oh that was steep okay. Now here this is that’s terrible, that’s spicy right there, you can’t see it but there’s about a 10 foot hole right here. So so you might be climbing down there. How are you gon na? Do this there’s, no clear option here? This is terrible. I mean this is gon na, be a fatality. No, i don’t say that you made it this far. Oh it’s in the hole. Can we even get that? Oh, no, that was deep, wait spin, the motor, so we can hear it? Oh no! Oh i see it. I see it holy dude. That is done. No, no, we got ta get it. We can’t leave it out in the forest. Dude we’re gon na need, like a rig to get that, so we need to make some kind of a hook here.

So if i tie this and we dangle it, that is gon na have to get the crawler out or uh yeah we’re gon na have to come back with something a little bit more substantial. The camera does not do justice to how far down that freaking thing is: okay, let’s see if we can reach it. Oh, yes, we can but it’s. The angle is not ideal. I think it’s upside down too. I might be able to hook onto the linkage. Okay. Come on hook on to something oh, i was so close: i’m fishing for crawlers. Oh, yes, okay! Yes, yes, i don’t know how well it’s hooked on okay, i’m gon na try and stop it here and grab it. Oh that i needed every last bit of the string. Oh yes, good job, homie that’s! What i’m talking about she’s back she’s back in action, all right, let’s, see! If you can do this line, she looks good we’re, gon na start. You right here and you can’t mess up. You got a summit, okay, nice and slow nice and slow okay driver driver. You got it, you got it, i think we got it. We got one, you got it you’re at the summit: oh that’s, a close one it’s in it’s, wedged it’s good, do oh you got it. That was freaking awesome crawl. We usually don’t get to rain like this so i’m about to have additional surgery on my foot. Right now, we’re kind of limited in what we can do, but that was fun as heck.

I tell you thank you guys for sticking with us. While we change up the content, i had a lot of fun today. If you want to see more of that, let me know we’ll do more riding crawls i for one, am loving this gravel bike more and more every day, but now i got ta get home and put my foot by the fireplace thanks for riding with me today. I’Ll see you next time we got ta, get one more shot.