So i wanted to go ahead and do it first ill? Tell you a little bit about myself. I was originally in the hobby from about the mid 80s to the mid 90s. Then i got married to my first wife, and so i was stepped out of the hobby for about 20 years up until a couple of months ago, and i acquired a couple of used uh rcs, which ill feature in a different video. So this this particular buggy. This is the larlo 140 puggy. This is technically the first brand new hobby grade, rc ive had in 20 years, and i want to give a quick shout out to 413rc for making this possible. He ran a contest over there rather a drawing, and i was a lucky winner. So thanks for that job, i really appreciate it and thanks for thanks to rolardo for sending it out to me so quickly. What we have is the new relarlo 140 four wheel, drive buggy, and it only comes with one color at the moment, but its uh as far as an entry, its basically an entry level rig which for the money you pay for what you get its actually a Really good deal uh, they towed 60 miles per hour, im sorry 60 kilometers per hour, which here in the states thats actually about 37. I know uh, 413 rc and a couple other channels. They did speed tests on theirs. They got them up to about 40 thats.

On i think 2s, but it is supposedly 3s capable. I dont have a gps myself, so i cant i cant, do my own speed run. I dont have any running footage right now, because i dont really have a way to film outside just yet, but ill get some in the future, but to continue it. Doesnt have oil shocks which is really nice back in the day. They were just pretty much friction if you saw the drop footage, you saw how good they uh, how good they rebound and uh lets crack it open and well show you the inside okay, so we went ahead. We went ahead and removed the body its held on by just three clips uh one in the front two in the back. I should know real, quick that it doesnt come with this um, this bumper thats, an upgraded bumper arlo, sent me and they sent me also. The upgraded differentials which i havent put in yet i dont have any access to grease at the moment. So i wanted to wait on that but, like i said it does, have the oil filled shocks. It has the uh sorry about that in all in all aluminum chassis, its painted black, you can see where its kind of scratched up there. I have been running it. I ran it for the last couple of weeks and you can see the bumpers all chewed up too uh. It does have the 550 motor a two in one receiver and esc.

It is a five wire servo, though, which is kind of a drag. So if you wanted to switch out, the servo youd have to switch out the asc and the uh receiver as well. It comes with two uh 2s 1800 milliamp uh batteries, which i thought was pretty neat most ready to runs. Dont really come with that. Unless you paid a couple extra bucks, something else i thought was nice um. You can really see it in the video, but this uh spoiler is actually kind of a hard plastic. Its not the pvc or lexan like a lot of buggies, are which i thought was good uh the tires theyre just they are rubber tires. These are the dirt or street, tires theres, no foam in there, which for buggy this size, its not really a big deal. Now any of you guys that have been in the hobby for a while, probably know that this looks a lot like uh, not only the armor typhoon but um the wl toys 114 buggy, which it actually most all the parts, are interchangeable with wl toys, which is Kind of nice, but uh rolarlo has a lot of upgrade parts that you can get also im trying to zoom in here a little bit when i was driving. You cant really see it in here with the metal, theres metal, dog bones, but the um, the arms, the uh tie rods are plastic, not adjustable, so the tie rods are plastic and non adjustable.

Now, when i was driving it um im sure it was driver error, both tie rods and the dog bone popped off and after a couple minutes, i was able to get it back on there, which you know just a little bit of work with the uh needle Nose, pliers, okay, so this is basically i went ahead and put the body shell back on. This is basically what comes in the box. Uh. You get the buggy, of course, uh the receiver im. Sorry, the transmitter, which is kind of an interesting design im not able to drive one handed anyway because its just because i have difficulties with my hands but uh it has. It does have the steering dual rate: the tr yeah steering dual rate, throttle, trim and steering, trim and reverse switches. In case things are backwards. I didnt run into any problems with it um i did have to style in the steering trim just a little bit because when i first got it out of the box uh the servo had more play than the wheel. Now i got the other way around. The wheel has more plays than the servo. I still have to dial it in a little bit, but to continue um you get the you get the buggy, the the transmitter. You get, the two 2s lipos instructions. Of course, a wheel, wrench screwdriver extra tire rods, a mess of body clips which are always handy to have uh.

You do get a usb charger and it should note when i first got it um i charged the battery right out of the box. It didnt run it at all. I tried i went and plugged the battery into this charger with a wall plug and it took about three and a half hours to charge out of the box. So just be aware that if you dont have a better life charger than that, so just to recap this is the relarlo. 114 four wheel drive buggy um speaking from both the seat of somebody who was in the hobby a long time ago, and someone whos actually brand new to the hobby, now uh its a great little car. I mean its its easy to drive its fast for the size that it is. I imagine, on 3s, its probably a lot faster, all around its a great little buggy.