Nwo, if two people do the whole race, but one takes one, one takes two there’s three people who do the whole race, Unu, Doi: Trei: if five people don’t look for you, Vreau să spun că este. Whoever does the all the racing gets. The points, Aplauze, Muzica. Oh, nu! All right all right in the one we got kevin bates in the two. Ne-am luat: lauren freshmark three steve smith: four mike pancho bill, carr, five pacquiao, six miller, floyd, seven joe eight john haycock Music, see when they come by uh. Oh joe bio moves up in that two spot. I see him steve smith, Nu, it oh see, smith gets it wrong, drop them down for that three spot. în regulă, adică, showing in one set of eight blue white hot, show three. Oh the game. Changers north crash part, four team: fifth, Cinci, exactly six: zero, seven million eight sign us out: yeah Music don’t. Let me throw your game off joe uh, Oh Muzica. în regulă, ne-am prins 2 27 to go. Kevin makes one joke um. That was your number two qualifier. All the way at the bottom look like he lost a lot of power Music right now, Muzica.