2015 Subaru WRX Alarm with Remote Starter Install | Compustar RF2WT10SS with FT7000ASCONT

We simply accomplished this 2015 Subaru WRX, which we put in a Compustar RF2WT10SS with an FT7000ASCONT, an Idatalink BLADE-AL and an Idatalink ADS-ALCA (this automotive requires 2 interface modules).

All in all it labored out nice, you may take a look at extra particulars about this method right here: http://www.lockdownsecuritycanada.ca/Compustar-RF-2WT10-SS-2-Method-LCD-Automobile-Alarm-Begin-p/rf2wt10ss-with-ft7000ascont.htm

This video was filmed with a WASPCam Gideon 9902 motion digital camera. Test it out right here: http://www.lockdownsecuritycanada.ca/WASPCam-GIDEON-Motion-Sports activities-Digicam-Stay-Video-p/gideon-9902.htm

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17 Comentarii
  1. So do I need the key to unlock the steering wheel still?

  2. A remote starter that you have to go walk to the car get in it do a series of things then can walk back inside and start it up lmfao and the point of this $500 POS is? Lmfao! When it's snowing out and I want to wake up grab my keys and hit my remote start from my kitchen that's how it should go not have to go outside sit in the car then go back inside and can remotely start it lol wtf is this an aprils fools joke or the jokes on the person who buys this POS? I went to Walmart got a auto starter kit for $30 and it works like a charm I wake up hit start make my coffee and then go out to car and drivebut this is absurd better off just getting in the car starting it and sitting in waiting vs wasting money and doing what he just showed us lolol

  3. Where did you install the antenna for the remote?

  4. quick question. when the alarm go off stage, do you need to redo the sequence again ( pull handbreak, release the brake,… ) to put the car in remote start mode? because i'm having viper right now and anytime my alarm went off , and i tried to remote start the car it will give me error on the remote and i had to redo the whole sequence agan.

  5. actually NO it's not an impreza. It is a WRX. The impreza is a totally different car as of 14 i believe, Thanks good video love to have this

  6. does the auto headlights turn off when you walk out and close the door? if I am correct for the automatic headlights to turn off, the engine has to be off and the door closed for it to shut off right. so would this remote start turn the lights off?

  7. My aftermarket alarm system better than this remote start alarm system. I can start my car about 2000 la 5000 ft away from car. I have it for over 10 years and it still works like a charm. This Compstsr alarm system is so weak and boring.

  8. Is there anything extra that has to be done to get the "drive lock" feature working? I just got this Compustar installed in my 2016 WRX. I have it enabled on the remote and the installer enabled it in the controller settings but it still does not work. This feature does not come with the car btw.

  9. When you remote start the vehicle with this system, does it shut the car off when opening the door like the factory setup?

  10. I never had a car starter before but I'm thinking of getting one. Buy why in the video does the car need to be put into neutral for the remote start to work? Can't I simply turn the car off while in park and still be able to remote start it? I have an automatic car so would I need to put it in neutral for the remote start to work?

  11. Michael Loewen the runtime countdown and the wait to start delay for diesel vehicles are all settings changed on the controller (brain) settings. Here is a link to the item listing on our website, scroll down to the bottom of the description where you will find the install guide, user guide, and option table (option table is what you need): http://www.lockdownsecuritycanada.ca/Compustar-RF-2WT10-SS-2-Way-LCD-Car-Alarm-Start-p/rf2wt10ss-with-ft7000ascont.htm

  12. Hi nice video, how can i change the run time countdown ? and the time for the Glow for diesel? Mulțumiri.

  13. Patrick J. This setup (Compustar RF2WT10SS/FT7000ASCONT + Idatalink BLADE-AL and Idatalink ADS-ALCA is priced at $524.97 plus applicable taxes (if you are in Canada) and shipping. Installation would run $199.99 plus applicable taxes if we were to install it. We always like to provide great deals to our clients so there is always flexibility in our prices, but this gives you an idea of the estimated costs. We have many models of alarms, remote starters, and alarm/remote start combos (such as the one in the video) and can create packages to suit any budget.

  14. What does something like that run, installed?

  15. Great job and thank you for posting what you used.

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