2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma Remote Start Install DIY

It is a plug and play distant begin package for the 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma with Push button begin. This package makes use of your OEM key fob to begin and cease the automobile. It additionally retains manufacturing facility door lock and unlock performance whereas the automobile is operating.

For autos with Auto-Lights a complete of 11 wires will probably be used

For autos with out Auto Lights a complete of 9 wires will probably be used

It is a extraordinarily straightforward set up and will be accomplished in a couple of hour relying in your talent stage

Package will be bought right here

Please naked with me that is my first DIY video and have quite a bit to study!

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29 Comentarii
  1. Tried going to this website mac no longer up & running they must of gone under pulled the plug..

  2. Would you happen to know which wires are for lock and unlock?

  3. Mine won’t program and I can’t figure it out any insight?

  4. Thanks a ton for this video. You should add some more keywords though because it was tough to find.

  5. does the engine turn off when you open the door after you remote start the Truck?

  6. Great remote start kit that uses original factory key fob. Installed it in about 2 hours with quick connector single tap scotchlok blue ones with red Spade connectors to plug in to the scotchlok Quick Tab. Had to make sure the quick tap penetrated all the way through the OEM wires on Tacoma because they are 16 gauge. Engine does shut off when door is open to prevent drive off, also engine does shut off after 20 minutes of runtime fully tested. Easy to install and worth the time and effort, remote start distance of key fob starts as far as Factory OEM fob reaches. Happy with the purchase. Other option pay someone else more money to install not see their work and have another bulky fob on your keychain, glad to be able to use the OEM key fob. Thanks Chad and DEI.! Good stuff!

  7. Can u make a video when u are actually connecting all the wires I am having some trouble

  8. Can you provide your tire size?

  9. How different is installing in a 16-17 4Runner? Is it identical or very nearly so?

  10. So basically this is to cool/warm the truck before you get in it and you have to restart every time?

  11. Grozav video. What type connectors did you use? Mulțumiri

  12. Hey amazing job you did on installing the system. What website did you order the system? I'm interested installing one myself.

  13. Any idea if this is compatible with a 2017 Prius?

  14. well, I will soon find out. Because I am making an appointment to have the Viper installed. And I am making it clear, if it does not work the way they say, I am not paying, and they can remove it from the vehicle

  15. I have this unit in my truck. Is there anyway that the unit will keep the truck running when opening the door. The range to start isnt that good, and then it shuts when you open the door. I am taking it out if there is no update. Viper makes a unit that starts from a mile away and the truck does not shut off when you open the door.

  16. What are the specs on your wheels and tires? 🙂

  17. how much was the part & installation cost wise? Really want to do this for my truck

  18. good vid, link needs to be updated on the shopping page at kbvoodoo though

  19. Do the doors remain locked after initiating remote start?

  20. Is this remote start won't shut off automatically no timer but work everything's fine

  21. does the headlight always stay on when I turn off with the key fob? I didn't connect the auto lights.

  22. Does it stay running when the key is around and you open/unlock the door?

  23. What brand and size tires are you running on the rims?

  24. what's the range it will work?

  25. does the motor kill when you open the door?

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