Please give us a try if you’re in the market, for a new vehicle, whether you’re in the North Carolina area or maybe a different state, we will make it the smoothest easiest car buying process you’ve ever had. Let me show you a couple things about the brand new 2020 Toyota rav4 TRD off road we’ve been waiting for this for a while it’s, the ultimate and off roading experience. So if you want to pull up to 3500 Lire sterline, if you want to take it in snow sand off roading trails, this may just be the one for you I’m, going to show you a couple things about it: how the multi terrain select works and then also I’Ll, let you know if this one has built in remote engine start or not a few things to note about this vehicle. Here it comes standard with LED headlights, daytime running lights, LED fog lights. It has Toyota safety cents 2.0. It has an eight point. Six inch ground clearance, 203 horsepower with the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with an 8 speed automatic transmission TRD sport tuned suspension. It has unique coil springs and also shocks that help even out bumps in the road, but it gives it precise, sharp cornering, but a nice smooth ride on the highway so now let’s check. Does it have remote engine start on any Toyota? You can figure it out if you just hit lock, lock and then hold lock down, so we can try 1 2 3 lacăt, lacăt, hold it down and wait for it to flash here it goes.

It should start up excellent, so remote engine start standard on the TRD off road. It unlock to stop it. Rav4 TRD off road comes with dynamic, torque vectoring, all wheel drive with driveline disconnect. So what that means is, it can send up to 50 percent more power to the back wheels when they need it, when there’s a loss of traction and also it can divert more power to the left or to the right wheels, depending on which one needs at Most, if it’s not needed, if you’re just driving on dry pavement, then it will disconnect the all wheel, drive portion in the rear, send it to the front and then it’s gon na be driving like a front wheel, drive vehicle and you’ll save on fuel. În acest fel, so let’s look at multi terrain, select, multi terrain select, allows you to pick your traction level based on the terrain that you’re driving on so first of all, the normal driving mode. Eco gives you better gas mileage normal as a normal sport gives you more responsive acceleration. Apoi, if you notice this nav here has mud and sand rock and dirt, so mud and sand would be great when you’re at the beach or rock and dirt would be out when you’re on the off roading trails or even snow mode. It also has downhill, assist control, so you push it to be in normal mode and then we’re gon na go over to the right for rock and dirt, care este chiar aici.

This is rock and dirt, and then we’re gon na go over here to mud and sand, mud and sand. This turns off vehicle stability, control and the pre collision break system. So now let’s go to normal mode, that’s normal and then this is rock and dirt again and then you can select based on the type of terrain that you’re on. Thank you guys so much for watching and please subscribe to the Fred Anderson Toyota youtube channel. Just hit subscribe right now and then hit the notification spell. We will give you the latest, how to videos, review videos, trim level comparisons, competitor reviews and then breaking Toyoda news.