That, ladies and gentlemen, is for you to decide we’re just here to tell you whether this car is any good in all other respects, but before we do make sure you like this video subscribe to the car by youtube channel and hit the bell icon. So you never miss a video Music as before. The 4 series is a 2 door version of the 3 series saloon, it’s only available as a coupe to begin with, but a convertible version has been revealed and should be in showrooms in 2021. While i promised i wouldn’t keep going on about that grill, it is admittedly, one of the few things that’s different about the sleeker 4 series compared with the sensible 3 series elsewhere, the lack of rear doors means the roof line dips way more quickly, but the long Tail gate means there’s still a decent boot. Should that matter to you and the likelihood is it will at least to some extent. La urma urmei, if you weren’t, even occasionally worried about carrying people or luggage, then you’d be able to cast your net far wider in the direction of truly talented sports car rivals like the audi tt or better still, the porsche 718 cayman. The 4 series is comfortably more practical than either of those two cars with a big 440 liter boot, which actually is only 40 liters smaller than the supposedly bigger three series saloon, but one area where the three series does comfortably outperform.

The four series is, if you regularly carry people in the back Music. Now i am about six foot tall and i can assure you that i would not want to be clambering in or were still out of, the four series all that often, but i can assure you that the front is much more pleasant right now get out the Way this could take some time up here. The 4 series feels largely identical to the 3 series and much like that car styling that will appeal to some people and not so much to others. I mean no one is going to complain about quality materials in here. Really are first rate and on par with models like the larger eight series, that cost twice the price but the layout. Whilst i suppose it was logical and cutting edge a decade ago, the design just hasn’t evolved, you see teslas with their huge central, touchscreens or audis with their customizable instrument panels. The design in here just feels a little bit too conservative. Așa am spus, for some many, de fapt, this will be just the ticket it’s, certainly classy in here it’s, este, well finished, and the idrive system, if you ignore the gesture control, is really easy to use there’s apple carplay as standard and for first in a bmw, There’S android auto too good news Music. Unlike its predecessor, the latest four series comes in just one trim level called m sport. Previously, a cheaper sport version was also available.

This does mean, Cu toate acestea, that all models come with a really rather generous spec sheet. There is a set of gorgeous sculpted sport seats and an 8.8 inch infotainment system which can be controlled either using the touchscreen or via the rotary controller on the center console owners can connect remotely to their 4 series with features including real time, traffic information and over The air software updates every model also gets m. Sport, styling and 18 inch wheels, though buyers can add the m sport pro package that adds features like 19 inch, alloy wheels m sport brakes a rear, spoiler black door, mirror caps and the choice of three exclusive paint. Colors luxuries, rather than essentials, upgrading to the live, cockpit professional setup adds a 12.3 inch digital instrument display instead of the standard 5.1 inch item, un 10.25 inch infotainment display and a head up display a box, we think is far more worthwhile ticking than some bigger wheels And extra paint options long distance drivers may also appreciate the driving assistant professional package, which uses front facing cameras and a radar to help steer the car in its lane and follow the speed of the traffic in a world that is edging ever closer to fully autonomous Driving it’s pleasing to know that systems in the bmw, 4 series work quite well. We’Ve already done around 120 miles today and those front facing cameras, at least on motorways and dual carriageways, seem to keep the car a safe distance from the car in front without ever panicking or overreacting, it’s easy to get frustrated with these systems when they don’t work.

Very well, but in the four series, they’re really nicely integrated and you can actually find yourself leaving them all switched on. But what about when you turn off the motorway and find yourself on your favorite twisting country road well, i’m pleased to report. The 4 series excels in this area. It’S always been at the top of its game and with this new model it’s, absolutely no different. We’Ll go into a bit more detail on engine availability in a moment, but it’s safe to say that even this entry level 420i offers enough performance to make it a really enjoyable car to drive Music. Like every 4 series, this model is fitted with an 8 speed automatic steptronic gearbox with 182 cai putere de frână. The 420i will do not 62 miles an hour in 7.5 Secunde, but for around 4000 Lire sterline, buyers can upgrade to the 430i, which uses the same engine, but with a good chunk, more power, 255 brake horsepower to be precise. This is enough to cut naught 62 Km. An hour to 5.8 Secunde, the range topping model uses a 3 liter 6 cylinder engine and is badged m440i x drive with 369 brake horsepower and 4 wheel drive Music prices jump to above 50 000 Lire sterline, but choosing this engine makes the 4 series feel seriously quick. Hitting 62 miles an hour in four and a half seconds, just half a second off the pace of the outgoing bmw, m4. Bmw refuses to ditch diesel, though virtually mirroring the petrol offerings.

The diesel range kicks off with a 420d, which is likely to remain a popular choice for high mileage drivers. Ea a 187 brake horsepower and an impressive 400 newton metri de cuplu, which gets it from naught 62 miles an hour in 7.1 Secunde. A 430d x drive is set to arrive in 2021 and on paper, it’s not likely to be much slower than the 335 brake horsepower m440d. As we said, no matter which engine you go for you’re guaranteed to enjoy driving this new four series, it feels playful in a way that no audi, a5 or mercedes c class can, with a sophistication to the way it rides as well it’s comfortable and sporty. Not two words: you often hear in the same sentence: Muzica. Better still, unless you go for one of those range topping petrol models, you should be able to keep a lid on running costs. There’S no plug in hybrid version like there is in the three series, but go for this 420i. Petrol and you’ll see easily 40 miles per gallon. As mentioned earlier, higher mileage drivers are better suited to the 420v diesel, which can manage over 10 miles per gallon more while an all electric 4 series is very unlikely customers. Looking for zero emissions, motoring will be steered towards the bmw i4 expected in 2021 a similar size, but with an extra pair of doors. This model is expected to boast an 80 kilowatt hour battery, giving it an electric range of around 370 Km.

The steering is sharp. The gearbox is slick and it’s refined as well. General, this 4 series is just a fantastic all rounder doesn’t matter, if you’re slogging up and down the motorway popping to the shops or driving it for pleasure on your favorite, a road, de 4 series just nails: everyday driving Music, de 4 series, no matter which engine Variant you go for is the best car in its class to drive bar none. The big boot means you don’t have to compromise when it comes to practicality, there’s only one spec, plus a few option packs to choose from that means. Every 4 series comes really well equipped. The rear seats are bigger and more practical than those you’ll find in an audi tt, but adult passengers won’t. Thank you for shoehorning them into the back. There is a pure electric i4 on the way, but bmw has no plans to offer a fleet friendly plug in hybrid version. It seems more appropriate for us to end this review. Looking at the rear of the bmw 4 series it’s the front that’s, getting all the attention at the moment, dar, as we said earlier, you’ll either love it or you loathe it that’s, not for us to decide. Deci, for the sake of this conclusion, out of sight is out of mind regardless of styling. This is a fantastically accomplished sporty coupe that blends almost everything we love about the 3 series into a more desirable and almost as practical 2 door body.