This is the 2021 ford bronco and the fun fact about this car. If your parents like this car right here, then they can actually buy in a couple of weeks or months first thing: first, all batteries are included all batteries. All batteries are included. Okay, everybody let’s have some fun let’s, unbox it and let’s get to the road we’re back wait, but i need this for let’s, throw it over there. Here we go okay, so this is a 12.8 volt battery. This is a rc app driver and then this is a remote control, a remote control for the car, and if you want to do with your phone, you can put it right here. So if you want to switch every single time, you can just go to your remote control and drive or if you want to go to your phone, you can just do that now. Let’S put this thing together and get on the road. Oh yeah, they’re cool flip. This i like the lights because they’re like little lights. So, if you want to drive in the night, you can so we’re gon na take this bad boy to the park and see what it can do. Hi everybody we’re at the park right now: it’s freezing cold it’s worth it um let’s test this out: Music. Amazing. Why are you down it’s super fast with the remote control? And if this is fast, then you know that it’s going to be fast when you put on your phone, that was really true: Music, hmm that’s great.

It can it’s strong enough to drive in the grass okay, everybody let’s see if the app works let’s go to this. This okay come on guys. Let’S go over here. Look at the truck look at the truck yep, pretty good. The phone works better. You, like the controller or the phone i like both both can it work with the controller and the phone at the same time for birthdays or parties. This is a great car to get it’s a rc, app driver and it’s amazing.