I don’t know he’s kind of dead, so we did it. I bought another truck and i went completely all out it’s the stampede brushless. It goes 65 mile pe oră, so it’s basically the same truck, but it goes 65. This thing is going to fly yeah throughout this skate park like we may accidentally put it in the rafters like it should go through. It could go through the room it could. We could braille christmas tree this thing like 100, Deci, am spus, it’s the brushless stampede 65 mile pe oră, suntem, not even gon na mess, with it too much longer we’re, just gon na put the battery in and run it. So i got a nice charged lipo battery and uh i’ve, yet to run this thing, the first time i run this on camera today will be the first time i’ve drove this, so it could be very ugly, very quick. This could be a 45 second video yeah. We don’t know how it’s gon na we have no clue like we have me and alex were talking about this before and it’s gon na, be insane i’ve, never seen how like a fast one faster than ours. Go this drives as fast as i did on my way to work in my vehicle. acest. Could this could match me going to work yeah isn’t that crazy yeah? This is highway, speed level i like the color. I do. I love the like. The blue purple, like looking thing it looks so good.

You know what we should do. We should take a thumbnail before i trash it. Dude i’m glad you thought of that because i definitely did not. I just thought of that because you said the colors look good and i’m, like they won’t for long yeah, you’re, absolutely right! Dude! I don’t want to wreck it, no it’s! So nice. It looks too good. Yeah well let’s wreck it so i’m going to take it kind of easy on this one. I will do some big ones but i’m going to start. cred, with the five stair just straight up, well i’ll cut across the park. We’Ll see! Oh, that has a different sound to it. Aplauze, Muzica, Oh, bine! This is very difficult this. So this is going to be really good in the summer on concrete yeah like if you could tell like dude it’s like pulling like okay it’s, not oh look it’s, like afraid of itself, look at it it’s shaking in its boots. Why it’s still doing it? Oh, my gosh, i don’t know let’s just shove it up around i’ll gun it one more good time. Aplauze. I mean no one’s gone 60 miles per hour in this skate park. Nu, Oh, oh my god! That was crazy! în regulă, so i guess i’ll. Do the five stairs Applause jeez? This is absolutely dangerous. Like oh, your wheelie bar fell down. Wheelie bars off Music. Oh geez, dude like this thing is, i don’t know what word fierce.

So let’s try it’s like a 60 mile per hour, backflip Laughter, okay Applause, adică, like drywall that’s dust. That was incredible. Why am i good at this that was so cool holy crap? I guess the mini ramp. Nwo, oh boy, i guarantee you can launch onto the oh 100, like i’m. Scared. Eu sunt.. Scared. What are you gon na do to me? Deci? Is that what you’re trying first to go up that i’ll go over the railing? ok, oh my! Oh! Nu! It broke, it broke Music, the back tire, bro dude. It was so high Laughter. This thing is absolutely insane it’s, so powerful. în regulă, i’m gon na go steal a part from bigfoot. Do it and fix this really quickly? We will be right back and guess what we’re back and i stole from bigfoot to pay stampede i’m, not doing the mini ramp. Iarăși, you don’t want to try to get on the bathroom i’ll. Do the bathroom so i’m not coming this way. Eu sunt.! Not coming! This way that was good, that wasn’t good. That was amazing, i’m afraid you have a small window right here literally here you have yeah like literally right here. Acest lucru este gon na, be so hard Music, în regulă, sir. What i just put it together right. Are you serious? This is holding us back literally that little rod this um you wan na try to fix it. Yeah i’m gon na try it real, quick all right that little piece just cost us like 15 minutes but i’m fairly sure we are back this time and our window’s still here.

The window is still there good luck, sir. Oh, Dumnezeule, i didn’t want it to fall, you’re a hero, you’re right you’re. This whole thing is Laughter shaking. Oh no. What is it? Oh? This is your shock piece. I don’t see anything missing. This one’s missing it’s this one yep, deci este, ok. I hope this thing doesn’t eat me nothing’s, stopping us we’re, getting Laughter dude. It just has so much force when it hits. I want to see this be done dude i want to do it, dar este, like i don’t know what i need to do. Da. It seems like it’s doing the exact same thing every time, gosh that’s so loud, ok, i was like wait. You broke this no that’s already like that. Yeah it’s, like they’re, capped Laughter trying to catch Laughter with my hidden talent, Applause Laughter. You had it, you had it okay, so i gunned it that time yeah this might be the ender. Oh, this is definitely the ender Laughter. Look at this thing shake! Oh, Dumnezeule. Applause so you’re, like seven of eight, with completed Applause i’m, mighty impressed that you’re even getting it in this little window. Well that time, i did that time. Nu, you blasted all this, dar este, not a big window to get. We need a camera on me catching you’re, the stars. ok, Sunt., just oh, Dumnezeule, oh no incomplete pass there. Itis, i made it on the roof.

This thing is absolutely insane like it is uncontrollable. It does whatever it wants. It decided to land up there. I had nothing to do with that. This is the best day of my life, like dude i’m, at a loss for words. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t know how to end this video just watch for more of whatever we just did like. Clearly. I’M gon na this is my loop truck it’s going off the roof. Eu nu, i might play football with alex b with it. Just like comment subscribe, tell me what you want to see with a 65 mile per hour, rc truck this thing’s insane. It has a mind of its own. That was incredible and i’m gon na go over here and if you saw this gap in my warehouse wednesday i’m doing it bonus gap there. It is everyone stampede, 65 mile per hour.