Can you tell the difference between the mavic mini and the eachine ex5? This looks very similar to the mavic mini it’s kind of a clone of sorts. It is not a five or six hundred dollar drone like the fly more combo for the mavic mini. It is around 99 to start so, if you’re interested to learn how to fly a drone and just get out there and fly something that has gps on it. For around a hundred dollars is actually a pretty good deal, it does have folding arms it’s under 250 Grame. It has brushless motors gps return to home on here. It has translated 4k video follow me orbit mode and waypoints on here. So it is app supported and honestly in my testing i got about maybe i’d say about 400 pentru a 500 feet out before the video started to lag on the phone. So if the video goes out or the app crashes, you open the app back up and start again now years ago, on dji apps. They used to crash as well so you’d have to close the app and go back into the app and then the video will automatically restart. But the return to home works really good on this and for the price point at around 99 to get everything you need to fly a drone in one bag. You only need to have a phone to fly this with 5g wi fi video on there and it is 802 transmisie.

So you’ll need that on your phone. So look that up in the specs on your phone and make sure you have the right specs for the ex5, but i would suggest going for the three battery combo it’s around. I think it’s around 1dollars in the us store. So this one is also sporting. Some optical flow on the very bottom, so it has vision positioning so when it gets close to the ground, it sees the ground and really starts to hover in one spot, even better, so full stabilization, gps positioning, translated 4k video on here and a nice long flight Time on a great price on a quad that’s under 250 Grame, adică, destul de bine. So this will get. You started flying drones, much cheaper than going for the full investment of the mavic mini start here and then move up to the mavic mini later let’s go ahead and go outside now and let’s fly this little ex5 you guys and have some fun with it, and Let me share my experience of the ex5 with you here. We go guys let’s. Fă-o? ok, guys let’s have some fun here. We go we’re going to calibrate the compass without getting too dizzy here and you’re, going to three or four times on the horizontal and then with the drone facing the ground a few times, and then you should be ready to take off into that gps positioning hovers Should hold its ground in one spot altitude and everything and it shouldn’t do much drifting at all, but there’s not much better video out there for 99 dollars and, în opinia mea, as far as the toy drones go, this is translated 4k.

So no on board sd card, but again the video is not the greatest but that’s. Not the strong point of this drone flying the ex 5 is where it’s really really fun. You can fly a pretty big field, uh find a place where there’s no trees. The video does look a lot better up close, you can actually see the details and i felt like the return to home, worked really really nice, so that is one big benefit of this drone. It came back. It landed almost perfectly where i took off from just about every single time and it just looks super cool up in the air. Does that not look like the mavic mini in the air? I love the stickers on the front and it seems to work well as far as the positioning hold too. So when i get close to the ground, the drone really does hold its ground and stay in one spot. The one thing about this drone, like the mavic mini, choose your flight day, Deşi, because man, a little bit of wind, makes this drone really have the wobbles. Deci, on a day when there’s, absolutely no wind, it will lock into position just like this and really hold its ground and not move around, but let’s also fly it around and let someone else fly it and see what he thinks about it. This is my friend diego, and he is an fpv race, drone pilot and he is liking the high speed mode on here.

So it is actually pretty fast for how small this little drone is. I was surprised in high speed mode now. The high speed mode is, on the right hand, side of the controller. It looks like that little timer sort of icon and once we get to the low battery after about 20 minutes or so the radio will start beeping, care este un semn bun. So that lets you know you need to come in and land your drone yeah now here we’re just kind of playing around with coming down and diego said you can actually come down faster. If you do it on a tilt straight down, it comes down a little bit slower, but in the high speed mode that was a little faster. So if you need to get down to the ground quicker use the high speed mode and kind of shuffle back and forth and it’ll come down a lot quicker for you, but he’s having a lot of fun with it and it’s just so easy to fly. We had a great time playing around with the ex5 today, so the full throttle power out for the ascent is really powerful and the controller itself it didn’t feel quite as robotic as some of the other ones. It is very easy to use so i’m happy with the gps. The flight modes on here and the orbit mode was the one thing that i felt was lacking on this drone. The follow me seemed to work okay and coming back in for a landing return to home and all that good stuff just seemed to all work out, really really fantastic for me.

So i had a ton of fun with the ex5 today. So let’s go back in the studio, alright guys welcome back from the flight test, so i just wanted to show you real quickly, just a comparison of 99 dollars versus uh around 580 pentru a 600, with the fly more combo with the 3 up battery charger for the Dji mavic mini, and i have to say that the controllers look even kind of this: the similar style they both have the fold up antennas and they have controls on the very top and the power button on the side right here. This one does take four aaa batteries in there, so you will need four aaa batteries for this controller and i don’t believe that these antennas are actually real. I think they’re just kind of like prop up antennas but uh, because mostly you’re working with an internal antenna here on this one. It has a video button here. Photo button here has orbit mode button, which i think is pretty cool and we have two different speed modes here, high and low, and i have to say in the high mode this this quad was pretty fast in high mode. So we also have headless mode on here which a lot of the toy drones have it? Has your compass calibration button up at the top left, which i think is also kind of a nice thing when you get started, you can just hit that and it’ll automatically go into compass calibration mode.

We have camera up down here like where the mavic mini has camera dial. Here this one has two buttons that make it go up and down so the camera movements on this one are a little bit robotic kind of up quickly and down quickly. So you’re not really going to get super smooth video, but then again guys. This is a toy drone, so we also have automatic takeoff. The power switch is in the very middle right here, and this is in mode two. So the throttle is on the left here and the yaw is here and pitch and roll right here. It does not do flips. Cu toate acestea, it also has a full down space here, a little tray for your phone, and i don’t know that they make any kind of tablet adapter for this. But i might be able to try to find one that fits in here for you and drop that in the link down below i’ll. Try to see if i can find that for you, but on the back. We have the battery hatch here and that opens up to show you where we put in the three aaa batteries right here and i suggest getting some nickel cadmium, rechargeable ones. The batteries themselves look very similar again to the mavic mini. We have a battery here, that’s a lion battery. It is a two sp lion battery. Este o 2200 milliamp battery and you know the mavic mini batteries are again very similar, just a little shorter, but about the same width and the mavic mini battery.

Let me see if i can read that it’s very small – și aceasta este o 2400 baterie milliamp, so just a little bit bigger, but this one feels actually a little bit heavier, but still the mavic mini is actually weighing in at just under 250 grams at 249.. So this one is just a little bit lighter than the mavic mini as well, dar 20 minute flight time with the ex5, care este destul de cool. So this is the quad itself, brushless motors and the biggest thing that you noticed, probably in the front of this one is. It has a three axis gimbal on here, whereas this one has a fixed gimbal, but it does go up and down. So the video on this one again, it is not the greatest video you’re not really going to make cinema videos with this quad, but this one is mostly for just pure flying enjoyment and i think the design of it also just looks really cool. I mean both of these drones. Look really cool. This one does have a smart battery option here, so you can tell how far along your battery’s charged, which is nice and that’s included on the bottom of the drone. Normally that part right there is incorporated into the battery, but not with the mavic mini, deci asta e un fel de cool. They did that in the rear arms invert once they fold around. So it looks different than the way that the ex5 does and again you’re gon na have to have a phone that has 5g on here.

But if you have a newer phone it will also work on android or ios 9 Şi, above so very very cool there. But if your app crashes, i definitely suggest like quickly closing it out and then opening it back up, and it does say on the front here: 229 grams and let’s just double check that let’s get out the scale and see what this weighs with the battery. ok. So the battery is in the back right here and i feel like this hatch could maybe be a little bit better. Sometimes it doesn’t close all the way, so just double check that this is closed and locked. It kind of has some flimsy locking feeling on the very bottom here so 232.5, Deci 232.5 and the drone itself was claiming 229. So i think it’s a little over the weight that it says but um they they tend to do that on the specs. Sometimes they kind of underweigh things and they kind of tell us that they fly a little bit longer. I think a realistic flight time is definitely 20 minutes on these batteries, but i like the way that the drone folds out and it is really quiet when you’re flying this little guy. So i think that if you’re looking for a drone, that’s super quiet out in the field, this one is really not going to disturb anybody. You really can’t hear this little guy until it comes right up on you, deci asta e un fel de cool, and i really like the leds in the very front.

I don’t have a battery in the radio right now, but these will go solid when you’re done and they’re. Also rear lights, so when the battery gets low, it’ll start flashing like this and let you know also when the battery’s low, this transmitter will start beeping. So it lets you know you need to be flying back to home once it gets to that low battery point. But i felt like the battery really lasted a long time in here, so um yeah, asta e, one really big pro about the ex5 and again that that back hatch could be a little bit better. But overall, i’m really happy with the ex5 and i’m glad that they sent me one. It was a ton of fun to fly and super super stable and i felt like in high speed mode. It went really fast, so i’m happy with the low for recording slower. More sort of semi kind of cinematic videos and practicing that and then being able to fly super fast across the field and get back to home quickly. If you have a low battery, so it’s nice to have to those flight modes, the other flight modes on their orbit mode and follow mode are just kind of like gimmicks and you’ll, probably get over those pretty quickly, dar în general, great drone and i’m going to give It like one thumbs up for the fun factor of the ex5. Definitely one worth checking out and uh, definitely one for making a purchase for getting for someone that’s just getting into drones, or if you have somebody’s birthday coming up.

This one is a fun one to get so thanks again for watching my channel guys, i’m justin davis take care out there, and this is my ex5. Please subscribe guys.