This is the holy ton, 112 scale rc car with a brushed motor. It hits a top speed of 30 miles per hour. It does not have phone wheels, no phone wheels. So let’s talk about more things, so the suspension feels good. I still got ta fill the shocks, they’re oilfield shocks, um the tires grip, pretty well that’s. What it looks like you got the two led lights um. One problem is i crack the frame right near the body right there and then right there, and so let me get the body off and show you what’s. Under okay, we got the body off well yeah. Those pins are a pain in the butt, but they last okay, so here’s the car. You know, like oh gosh, that’s, a big motor. Let me turn it around. Look at that it’s a big 540 brushed motor, and then you got the little ecu or whatever. I call it ecu okay, our oil fill shocks. You got your drive shaft here and there and then your drive shaft here, it’s four wheel, drive by the way. It’S a big 540 push motor. It hit the top through to 30 miles per hour and it is pretty quick. Um yeah, i’m gon na actually turn this into brushless. So if i turn the switch on, it actually works, and if i show you here’s the remote control, you got, you got steering rate throttle, trim and steering trim, and next you can actually reverse the throttle so like this would be forward like it is backwards.

But if you switch that to r forward backwards and then you’re steering right there and then so if we turn this on and this motor will not let you turn it because the steering is the servo, so it is proportional, it is pretty quick. So i am turning this into brushless like i said i ordered one, but they didn’t give me the right one so i’m, sending it back um. This thing can actually take some hits. I crashed this thing and flipped it many times. So if i turn it over, you can see what has all happened. So there’s a bunch of scrapes there’s a little plate right there, the skid plate, i should say um. Most people get these software wl toys, but i didn’t, but w toys does have some pretty cool toys. Sorry, my finger got on the camera. Um they’ve got a lot of rc cars, but in that monster truck the 118 scale does have a lot of play in the wheels. This one does too for some reason i don’t know i took this whole wheel apart. All of them see, but they just have to play in them. It does come with the tool kit. You actually got your hex nuts in there and then it comes with a screwdriver, so here’s, your servo. You got your 7.4 volt battery it’s a 7 1 cent. It’S gosh, i can’t talk it’s a 1700 milliamp battery, but you can actually get a lipo for this.

If you have the connector, this thing is pretty quick um. I flipped it in it broke off the thing to hold the body on um. Who knows what happened but i’m gon na get metal put like metal, see it’s bent for some reason. I forgot what that’s called but yeah um. I need to get this. The oil filled shock soon because when i, when i jump this thing, it hits the ground and i don’t know if you can see that but yeah. I paid 90 bucks for this it’s a 112 scale it’s a holy ton, 540 brushed motor 30 miles per hour. Top speed what i got but pretty soon this is gon na be maybe next week next week i should get the motor in brushless a new ecu, a new servo and then we’re gon na get rid of this remote. So, of course, our motor is gon na. Go in the same spot and we’re gon na put our ecu here, we’re gon na take this one off we’re gon na put our new servo and then our battery is gon na, go here, of course, and i’m gon na put the um the receiver. Maybe right here but yeah four wheel drive. It is open. Diff, i’m gon na spin that wheel so uh hold on. So if i flip it over for you again so if i spin this we’ll see how it goes the other way. But if i hold this wheel and spin this wheel that wheel over there is going to say because it’s opened it, oh you can change that.

I’Ve seen some people shove some earplugs in there but yeah you got your little tiny antenna right. There um there’s a core to your lights. Um, you got your servo connected under there. You got your battery motor connectors and then this is where you charge the battery and it plugs in to this t joint right here, yeah it’s, pretty cool. I was actually gon na change the wheels and they look kind of cool, but you know i want bigger wheels. I actually got this about five days ago.