Now i already have an unboxing and a couple of test run videos with this, so you can go watch them if you want to make up your own mind about this, but this is just my personal thoughts and my personal review of this xiaomi suzuki chimney. If you do not have the time to watch the entire video, i can start by saying that i really really like this one and yeah for those who have the time i’m gon na explain why, for those unfamiliar with this unit, i can start by saying that It’S, an rc car so in the sense that it is remote controlled, so it’s, not radio controlled and you do not get any transmitter. You get this car and a small charger that you plug into the exhaust here. So it is bluetooth controlled by a app on your phone or tablet and it’s fully proportional, but of course, the controls on the app have their limitations. So you could say that this is not a truly hobby grade car, though it’s rated for 14 years and plus, but yeah it’s, a four wheel drive with two solid axles and two locked diffs. So you do get a little off road car in this, and i must say everything for me has worked out just fine now it’s specified as a 1 16 scale, but still a suzuki chimney, so it’s, quite small. We got another. This is an official licensed hard body, which is one of the main reasons that i like this.

This is a non official polycarbonate issue from sg1801. I think the model is called with a lot less details, but this is a 118 scale and this is a 1 16 scale and it’s definitely a bit larger than the 1 18 scale. But of course, since this one is a suzuki chimney and the chimney is very small in the 1 1 size compared to another 1 16 scale, rc like the wpl toyota, hilux it’s, a very small vehicle and more maybe 120 scale compared to the other 116 scale. Now, if you’re an experienced hobbyist, you can of course modify these as you, please. You can touch up the details on your body. You can tear out the windows and install some clear, lexan ones and install driver or interior. You can, of course, put in some leds. These actually have pre installed buckets on the inside and there’s, even a slot on the bluetooth, controlled receiver and esc and yeah. If you want, you can even install your own hobby grade electronics and get it all radio controlled with a transmitter and everything now i’m. Definitely not gon na do anything like that, because i do like it as it is, and i do like the bluetooth app control function. One thing is for sure: if you leave it stuck like, i am, you will not get anywhere in serious off road conditions or rock crawling conditions, so this is, for light, trail, runs and light off road there’s not much travel here.

Even though these tires are nice and soft, they definitely could be softer if you want to climb rocks and everything so don’t expect a rock crawler but expect a fun little gimmick with a beautiful, designed official licensed chimney hot body. Now, if you do want to get into the micro crawler on mini crawler scene, there’s, definitely a lot of other trucks in the same price ratio available that come pre installed with hobby grade electronics and everything. So the special thing about this one is exactly the bluetooth control and the official license chimney body for me personally, this is just a cool little chimney, a beautiful model car to keep in the rc collection and on the shelf, and something that i can grab very Fast without having to find any transmitter or anything and just enjoy a bit of running in the garden or inside so definitely a cool one to have and the bluetooth app control is what makes it different from all the other ones. On the shelf and again, if you’re, a suzuki fan or a gymnast or both, i am definitely both. I do also have a 1 1 scale, suzuki swift out in the driveway. This is definitely also a cool, fully functioning, fully proportional suzuki to have in your collection. I love absolutely love the body and it’s, actually quite capable and durable. I’Ve got the rubber mirrors here and i have tossed it around a lot and it hasn’t really broken.

So i think the quality is okay for the price, but definitely something for the suzuki fame and again, if you got any kits like i do, it’s always great to have an rc car that is easy accessible. Now my son, one of his first rc cars, was this little rasta. I think it’s called a messages amg truck and compared to the type of toys r us stuff. Now this is rated to 14, plus so it’s, still a hobby, great rc car, where small fingers can again get stuck and everything, but compared to these with the two wheel, drive i’ll, leave your opinion about this suspension system to yourself and battery doors that break and Everything, this is definitely something a bit more funny and capable for your family, fun and yeah. These cheap choices us always comes with these all or nothing small, cheap transmitters. So i definitely think a bluetooth fully proportional app is much better if you care to take the risk of leaving your phone with your son or daughter, i think that was it. It comes with a 500 milliamps per hour, 3.7 lipo and for me it definitely has been plenty enough, but i have seen people complaining about the battery getting weak or losing power over time and you can definitely change it out with another battery. If you do have some soldering skills, but so far mine has lasted fine, it’s, probably 10 or 20 minutes of run time and yeah did.

I say i love the body i think i did did. I say i love the bluetooth app control. I think i did so it’s, actually nothing new, this bluetooth control. I remember a friend of mine, getting a bluetooth controlled definitely 10 years ago for small amounts of money too so there’s, nothing new about the bluetooth, app controlled and hobby. Great rc’s are definitely not in danger with this one but it’s something different to have in your collection, and i definitely can recommend it. I got this from banggood free for review, so you can check out the link in the description box for this one and check out the price. I think it fluctuates up and down the price but check it out with the link but yeah leave it like this.