Android Ultimate In-Car OEM SystemRemote Bluetooth Touch, HDMI Mirroring

Android smartphone distant contact system for you car

Jan 28 2016 Replace:
** Nou ** Mannequin simply across the nook!

Options: – NEW model
Extra smartphones supported
Utterly redesigned
Simpler updating/upgrading
Less complicated set up
Extra highly effective
Heaps extra touchscreens supported

Supported handsets:
Any jailbroken iOS machine
Android gadgets with software program from 4.0 – as much as 6.x supported

Extra data:

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23 Comentarii
  1. If your phone screen locks, does this continue to stream audio/video?

  2. @marztarunderstand totally what you are saying. Though if you fit this system in your existing OEM setup I.e connect to factory display and touchscreen, you will then have the option of full android controll and access to all your apps via your OEM setup. Navigation and other apps come in handy on a larger 7"+ display without the need of fondling with your device.

  3. HTC will require at least root access if not a custom ROM

  4. If the touchscreen is one of the 2 compatible types then it will.

  5. just to confirm, this will work with all aftermarket touchscreen headunits?

  6. Are you shipping now, because your site still shipping soon?

  7. does it work with the sensation 4g???

  8. Hallo,
    zag in de filmpje aan de hand van de navigatie software data je in de buurt woont hahaha,
    Ik had een vraag, hoe heb je je motor gegevens van je suzuki op je tablet gekregen ? ik heb zelf een mazda 3 en ik wil ook een 7'' tab inbouwen binnenkort.

  9. @1fastmx5
    da, some modification of the headunit is required to enable the remote touch capability. If you have a look at our website there is some documentation on the iPhone version which is the same setup at the Android system. This should give you more insight on how the system actually works.

  10. @customGadz Yes most of the latest Phones have a MHL-HDMI output. From
    there I will need a digital to analog converter, HDMI to
    Composite, thus connecting Composite video input of the Head
    Unit. What I am not clear is how this 4pin connector get's connected to a
    head unit. Does this mean I need to open-up the head-unit to install? I am not sure how difficult it is to actually access a stereo head units screen. Do you have a video of you guys actually installing on a digitized head-unit?

  11. @1fastmx5
    If your headunit already has a touchscreen overlay then you will be able to use it provided its a 4-wire like 99% of them. You device needs some kind of video output such as HDMI or TVOut, then you will need to convert the video output to a format thats' compatible with the headunit. e.g. HDMI to composite converter.

  12. I am fully "rooted". I am still struggling to understand how this stuff connects. I would need an screen overlay even though my head unit is a touch screen? If not how would this board connect to my Head unit?

  13. @dan20112005
    You have a neat site there with lots of useful information. Good work! Feel free to link our video if you wish.

  14. @1fastmx5
    Most headunits are compatible, and we are currently trying to support HTC devices. Rooting the device should enable support though. We cant confirm until we have the device in hand.

  15. Hey visit us at AndroidCarForums . cu (remove spaces) Feel free to post your product there. I am spreading the word trying to get people there.

  16. Would this work with this combo..Head unit: KW-NT50HDT Phone: HTC EVO3d Custom Rom If so what would I need?

  17. @SolidIncMedia
    We haven't tested the Samsung galaxy S1 yet, but quite sure it will work. As a prerequisite the device needs some kind of display mirroring either HDMI out or TV Out.

  18. This is very interesting. I have a Samsung Galaxy S 1 which supports video out via a 3.5mm -> RCA cable. Would a system like this work, or does it require something with a HDMI port, such as my Acer Iconia A500 (with a mini-HDMI port built in)?

  19. @vloran07
    DisplayOut works with iOS5 and gives you full mirroring. The only thing that does'nt work yet with iOS5 is SBRotator, but will work soon though..

  20. @tonyvmu
    Motorola atrix requires custon ROM (Photon Alien) to enable full true mirroring. Webtop is not display mirroring. This system can be adapted to any 4-wire touchscreen headunit with an AUX video input.

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