Are keyless entry systems safe? | ADAC

Hundreds of automobiles with keyless entry programs are weak to automobile theft. Greater than 20 fashions from completely different manufacturers had been surveyed by German car affiliation ADAC. All surveyed automobiles with keyless entry programs had been opened inside seconds, the motor could possibly be began and the car drove off. Discover all surveyed automobiles right here (pdf): http://bit.ly/adac_keylesslist

German model of the video right here: https://youtu.be/xHCUpLBGIKQ

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21 Comentarii
  1. i destroyed my keyfob and instead use the keyhole on the door instead

  2. We develop a similar device, and have found out that all cars equipped with the Keyless Go system have no protection against a repeater of Feniks-2

  3. It's just useless a new costly method to make thiefs take your car in a jiffy

  4. It will open any car, and can also start it. There are different devices available (code grabbers). Write!

  5. easy way i know to protect cars .. put finger print start bottom easy

  6. I have one device like this, and I know who make this device. please contact me in Telegram, my username: dylaniva
    or mobile: +79675908481 (add number in your contacts before and search in telegram app) I can make proof photo or video. thanx

  7. Another way To make profit and sold cars.

  8. Simply wrap the fob in aluminum foil.

  9. I'm still trying to figure what is the advantage of having keyless car.

  10. It have immobilizer, the car will turn off at certain distance but On/off switch is needed for the key. Imagine standing beside ur car & someone just open the door to steal whats inside.

  11. This is what i'm talking about. Good innovation but unsafe and irrelevant.

  12. Warum zum Teufel macht der ADAC englische Videos? Wofür steht das D noch mal? So kann man Mitgliederbeiträge auch verschwenden.

  13. To bezprzewodowe 'udogodnienie' pojektowani Ci sami idioci, którzy stworzyli te supernowoczesne słupki, bramypułapki, wysuwające się z jezdni pod samochodami i działające jak jak gigantyczny widelec przebijający auto niewinnej ofiary. Co złego było w immobiliserze? Obecnie można tworzyć jeszcze bardziej zaawansowane immobilisery wykorzystujące 128bitowe klucze publiczne do szyfrowania.

  14. I would think that after a few minutes, the keyfob will go to sleep to preserve its batterythats why the car has the buttons on the side.
    BTW my car (a Nissan Sentra)
    has one of these and its very discriminating. it will not let you start the car unless the fob is actually inside the car (yes it can tell the difference)
    I guess the "intelligent key" marketing isnt ALL smoke amd mirrors

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