Best Affordable RC Car? – FS Racing 1:10 Scale Review

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Looking for an affordable overall nice RC car? Take a look at this 1:10 scară, 4WD and fully ready to run FS racing car. You can find it here:

The above link is an affiliate link, meaning by purchasing the product I will receive a small commission by the company. This makes me able to produce videos.

Sigur, it's not the fastest, but it tracks very nicely and has really good steering. It's equipped with a brushed motor, electric speed controller, receptor, servo and a 3600mAh NiMH battery.

As I mentioned in the video this car has some ridiculous drive time, up to 30 minute! That's crazy, and benefits us because we now don't feel the need to purchase 2 baterii. The charging time is very long due to vrey low charge rate with the stock wall-charger. I highly recommend purchasing a 15$ hobby charger (make sure it can charge NiMH batteries). It will charge the battery in under 1 hour!

I had one major crash with the car causing no damage, and even after 2 weeks of driving almost every single day no damage have occurred. This car is for sale at around 140$ at the moment (2016-10-08), which I think is a reasonable price for a car this size and components. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but you can definitely feel the extra quality making it a car worth buying!

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