What is all this magnets, like we’ve, bought some toys bought some icy toys from that’s amazing like the cheapest RC cars we could find on which? How much did you pay for that top on this one yeah this one 243 pounds down to 23, nice, so let’s, say 90 saving this one, the 197 quid yeah down to 13 pounds. What piqued me right? What my my interest? Okay! This thing here! Just look at the image that they used to advertise it with standing on it that somebody fully standing on that thing. Obviously! Well yes, but we’ll. Do that the end, because I absolutely disbelieve that anyone is studying that yeah study study. This is the gizmo vine. 2.4 G roommate radio control high speed the definition right yet would you define as high speed for if you were selling? If you were selling one of these, you know you wouldn’t advertise it at high speed at like 15 miles an hour saying no I’d say that was a. What would you reckon to a high speed advertisement of 9 miles now? Do you how big this is a book? It says 9 miles an hour yeah, but it’s. Only this big, no views coming out the carriage. It was a lot of packaging involved. Yes, that is fundamental. It is actually only 143 scale. Okay start will fill in this car here. It’S got a left and right adjustment here. Did you know you know the left and right tribesmen that’s true.

I know 2.4 gigahertz as advertised so that’s. The radio so 2.4 gigahertz is the frequency that the radio is work on right, pause this for the science time with Professor Jack science time with dr. Jack right. So the current self said she feels quite nice it’s a lot of weight to it. Doesn’T feel like it’s gon na fall apart, there’s, no, like squish, yeah Music. You can also steer it nice. Just can we just get the motion of telling because I yeah a lot of car that’s what you want? Okay, with a lot of RC cars, Jack’s. More of a professional time, but you want like degrees of turning yeah, so this is literally turn or not turn yeah don’t. You look early. If you look at the wheel I’m, just going it’s like this no gradation to the turn, it’s just yeah and is quite small, so it’s really impressivethat yeah really good. Let us know what you think about that one. If you want to see a follow up, video that all these are city cards, where we just recommend the field there’s, no, maybe we’ll just make them explode, they will set fire to them, something I don’t know that’s that one that was really good. Let us know what you thought in the comments section moving on to the next one mate. What is this all about right? This is the kmr see the RTR yeah it’s got high strength, shock racing series, 118 scale, fine tuning direction and oversized tires.

So this is fine tune the direction because that does mean like it might not be analog. It might be. My final, be digital, sorry, big wheel, RC, because there’s, a big wheel, big, we yeah to shoot one of them’s for the radio. Okay, vegan your smally go for the right, which one do you think is gon na, be the RC car this one: okay, oh it’s, in there, it is in there. Oh here we go this. Is it it’s, bigger and made suspensions? There it’s got suspension I’m gon na check under the hood of this thing me, you got to take these two things in the back here, which is quite standard in the RC car world, and there you go the thing that’s, the underside, so it’s, more reverb it’s, Like a buggy with our RC e body, yeah like it’s, basically the same as the other ones in almost every single way, including speed, also doesn’t have a analogue speed control. Is it a sauna, wrong, it’s all wrong, whether it meant this one garbage Pro it’s, not garbage? I mean, like you’ve, paid very little money for like remember, for, if you’re just tuning in make sure that you smash that, like button make sure you share this video with your friends and if you want to recommend a way that we can ultimately destroy all these Cars in some kind of crazy video that we do outside there’s, no last boy boy, the articulations is what you would describe as a motor on axle Rock Crawler mmhmm, the motors on the axle.

That is because the moment, one here in this one here the motors were actually on the axes themselves. What that does is it gives you a lot? Lower center of gravity uses the weights right down here yeah and you get a powered motor on each axle. There’S your steering servo on the front there so it’s going to be doing it lefty and righty. So first observations these shocks, yeah terrible yeah, really sure this one. You just display that the shop on the front of this if the shock has got loads of travel, but here when you go it’s blocked by the front of the car, yeah Music that’s, just not yeah that’s, not bad! Is it digital control light? So it’s got the tiny is its on and on tiniest movement to the throttle is, let me do the table drop set. It aside, it’s not me forward to the table drop I’ll. Do it this way? Let me just pop me off you pop whoa right, so this is a crawler yeah yeah, so it’s supposed to be able to crawl over yeah all right. So this thing can fall over one graphics come on the rapid gunfire complete. Can I crawl over two graphics cards, because this is the test of all yeah yeah yeah yeah mate? I can’t drive it because it’s fundamentally a 3d graphics of other guys. These are ATM GTS overseas, yeah Wow. So I mean this one for the price to my mind’s, the winner yeah, because like it’s, small, okay, so decent for a kid, because you worry about my flower, your massive fitness of stuff it’s got lights on it tender spots about and it works yeah, and it Takes literally three batteries for a season for this lot of we have to do have to stand on it.

We do have a family right, read the picture of this one. As you said, anything you like the image someone likes stood on this, like there’s, a person who’s standing on it in the grass you standing on issues I’m standing at barefoot. So we got to see what happens when you stand on this thing, and I don’t know how he was doing it because I broke this week were on the roof and that’s just not possible at all yeah it’s, a very nice that that was used to advertise Its product, like the first image you see when you look at this remote control car, which is that it’s being still on ok, I mean immediately that very reactance broke. Don’T still drive does still drive and like that’s that’s actually did actually break it.