I finally got batteries like literally its been so long were finally test driving this this little car, deci practic, to put the batteries in all you need, is double weighs put them in here and slide this back over turn that on and really really bright, light comes On and then turn that on, […]

WLtoys 144010 – The CHEAP RC Car EVERYONE'S Buying

Wrtoys 144010, the rc car, that everybody is buying full review coming up. Welcome back to the channel weve been off on holiday in pg for some time now, weve got loads of boxes with brand new rc cars, including this massive box here, its huge theyre, so massive well check out whats inside this […]

Hand Sensor RC | Gesture Twist Stunt Car | RC Car Unboxing Testing and Reviewing

Together, we both fall down doesnt matter. If the sun goes up cause, we will still be high Music, oh Music chase. The thrill make up the way as we go live for the moment, lose control, Muzică muzicală. We will still be high when the lights out – Muzica – Oh, do Music and […]

ZD Racing EX16 Review

Deci, with that in mind, today were going to be reviewing the 7d racing ex 16 patru roți, drive 3300 kv brushless motor speed over a top speed of around about 35 pentru a 40 Kilometri, dar asta e, not what this car is about, but as youll see from that Body, its very honey gun in […]

WORLDS BEST Cheap rc car Under $15!!

. Aceasta este o 1 18 skill car and comes with a full function, 2.4 controler gigahertz, which we will see how good this is later and then it says it comes with its own rechargeable battery, which means i dont have to spend money on double as and we Will also see how good […]

xk k110s 3D rc helicopter review

Now this is considered one of the best helicopters out there to learn how to fly, and the reason is because its very tough and it resists a lot of crashes now. This is good because you can get back into the field after if you crash, you can get back into the field and […]

Losi Baja Rey Ford Raptor REVIEW | Performanță, Durabilitate, & Best Upgrades? | LVC RC

Throughout the past few months, ive been running numerous battery packs through this vehicle and overall ive been very impressed with it today, im gon na help. You decide whether or not to purchase one of these vehicles by sharing my thoughts and experiences with this truck when it comes to performance and handling. In […]

RLAARLO 1/14 Buggy review and shout out.

So i wanted to go ahead and do it first ill? Tell you a little bit about myself. I was originally in the hobby from about the mid 80s to the mid 90s. Then i got married to my first wife, and so i was stepped out of the hobby for about 20 years up […]

Wltoys 104009 Examinare.

Theyre, a four wheel, drive um theyve got all metal bearings, it looks like theyve got oil shocks, it runs on a 7.4 volt lipo battery um one of these little lipo batteries, and and this kit that i got was not a kit. It was ready to run. Come with two batteries in it, […]

Unboxing: DEERC 9201E 1:12 Large Remote Control Truck with Lights, Fast Short Course RC Car

So this is by drc its the four wheel, drive 9201e. So lets get unboxing a couple things we can go over quickly, its full scale, its got two time differential, its got 2.4 gh, control radio, rechargeable battery forward, drive and shock absorbers, and more so guys, oh wow im excited guys. So this […]

Jucărie de revizuire:RC SEMI

Five tons uh now front end. Thats, not a five ton, so i dont think this would be count as a five ton, but inside this costs about sixty dollars, not including taxes or shipping sixty dollars, ok, Da, so its got an actual interior like its not like. Let me get it ready, Deci […]

BEZGAR Remote Control Cars Review, It’s easy to use and affordable

You have to go in there take care of your business with that and the instruction paper, the car itself and the remote control. Now you will need three double a batteries for here and two double a better for here. You turn it on up under here right here, adică, where you turn it […]