Chevy Volt: Remote Start Pre-Conditioning

You’ll be able to pre-condition the Chevrolet Volt whereas it’s linked to the grid. This may give the Chevy Volt higher EV vary.


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  1. What do you mean, "you'll probably have to call on star" I can only do this for 5 zile? Then if I do it on day 6 it won't work and I have to call on star?

  2. Do you need to be subscribed to onstar to precondition the volt for either scenarioplugged in or not plugged in?

  3. my girlfriend just got a 2013 volt and I think the car is amazing! I own a supercharged c6 corvette with 700 hp, and the torque on the car makes me smile every time I drive it. whoever says this car is underpowered has either never driven the car, or is not understanding that this isn't a tesla

  4. Do you have to subscribe to onstar to be able to remote start the car?

  5. Will remote start work if the electric engine is completely on zero?

  6. Is there an app. Pentru 2006 Impala? It is weird why the remote starter stopped suddenly although door lock/unlock works good. Any idea?

  7. I am looking at getting a 2011 or 2012 Volt. I live in Phoenix (It's HOT). At work I park outside and not able to plug in the car. Can I remote start the car 10 minutes before I leave work to cool it down? I was initially under the impression that the car will only remote start and run the air conditioning (or heating) if it IS PLUGGED IN. Is that false? mulţumesc

  8. Thanks for the tip about having to hit lockThe remote start has been irking me. In cold weather the engine may kick in unless you turn that off in the options.

  9. Doesn't work. Engine kicks on if it's cold. You don't need to pre-condition it if it isn't cold. Hot weather? It probably works, I'll check back in 7 luni.

  10. You said remote start can be use twice every 5 days..
    You can use the remote start twice between drives, even if it is on the same day..

  11. Not really, i mean as far as "charging" 🙂

  12. @MrEnergyCzar would you recommend this for a college student who lives in a dorm?

  13. Like where you're going with these in depth reviews and informtion.

  14. This is why I really like electric cars and where they are going, they actually have some inovation involved with them. I didnt know the volt had this feature. Does the nissan leaf do that aswell.

  15. You can use the i-phone app to remote start it to warm or cool the battery while it's parked in an airport.

  16. Using the grid to pre-heat the car before driving it is very smart.

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