Da, Wow, you can move eyebrows, ah you’re, a lovely girl, and today I have, for you is lovely. You can jump very high, so you have this train from you, ok, ok, ok, how are you see? Da, very good girl? Now you know how to install batteries? Ok, so here we go go. I oh so boosted from the Challenger shaggy, the donuts, the photo series on about terrains it’s about race and they call these different tasks. Chuggington kill two twists twirls and LOL. Oh hello, I am Brewster, I am a friend of jagged. I am happy to see so this is a remote control Brewster. You just saw it on yourself. Get this one and put it it’s a lot of fun and you can use it everyone on the floor. Thank you for watching their friends. Vă mulțumesc.