Clarion MW4 review on their 3 inch color LCD wired remote

Now avialable at:

For CMV1, CMD9, CMD8, CMD7, CMD6, CMS5, CMS1, M303, M309 and M502

3.0″ Optically Bonded Coloration LCD

Meets or Exceeds ASTM B117 (Salt/Fog Publicity)

Meets or Exceeds ASTM D4329 (UV Publicity)

IP66 (Mud/Water Ingress Safety Ranking)

System Management from Wherever Onboard

With Clarion’s new watertight, wired distant controls, command of your system is at all times simply an arms-reach away. As much as three remotes may be put in. The MW4 can be backwards appropriate and can be utilized with the next Clarion Marine Supply Models: CMV1. CMD9, CMD8, CMD7, CMD6, CMS5, CMS1, M303, M309 and M502


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  1. Clarion remotes suck I have a Y with their wireless and the mw1 wired remote and about 75 percent of the time the buttons have no effect. Saving up this winter and replacing the whole setup with another brand

  2. thanks I was looking the measures couldnt find it anywhere

  3. flyingjoed: You are correct, the graphics only work with the CMS5. clarion really did a bait and switch!

  4. I have used 3 different extension cables. Still doesn't work. Clarion swears it works with the cable. Does anyone have a fix yet?

  5. With this unit is there a way to scroll through artists or playlists with the knob? Or do you still have to use the up/down arrows and go through 1 at a time?

  6. First off, thank for the review. I just want to say is from what I'm seeing here is that the interface is very 1980s. Very boring to look at. Why does the box show some nice graphics and the unit you tested look extremely boring? Bait and switch on Clarions part??

  7. doesn't work with the 20 foot cable

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