CNET Top 5 – Coolest remote-controlled toys of 2014

CNET High 5: http://www.cnet.com/cnet-top-5/
Wow your children with the sweetest RC toys of the yr.


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  1. Me:where tf is cozmo!!!
    Them:we didn't have enough spa-
    Me:No where tf is Cozmo!!!

  2. wowwe made r.e.v which IS the coolest

  3. if you search this youtube says its 1 years old i smell a coding bug

  4. i have a rc car that can go 60mph its a road wizard

  5. U should have at least mentioned the Ollie DARKSIDE

  6. Sphero 2.0 the best toy ever play with it 24 7

  7. the parrot drone last up to 8 minuetes try sphero

  8. Mip should be one I just got one

  9. Really a drone didnt he have a top 5 reason not to buy one what an oxymoron

  10. I was thinking: Damn these aren't that expensive! But realized i'm a grown man and these are toys

  11. It all looks tarted. I'll stick to my Blade 130 X and Nanos CP X rc helicopters.

  12. Check out Hot Wheels Street Hawk!!

  13. Vex made a hex bug kit? I used to be in Vex Robotics Competition.

  14. "Giving your pets an anxiety attack" Xd

  15. Or a $500 real rc car that can do 45 Mph

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