Conan Helps His Assistant Buy A New CarCONAN on TBS

Conan’s assistant Sona is in dire want of a brand new automobile however fortunately Conan has provided to assist her #ShopAllTheCars on Autotrader.

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40 Comentarii
  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooof chamber

  2. I love when he does things like this. He's terrific.

  3. just buy her a new car cheap asss conan you got lots of money.. conan could get her car for free just plug the dealer

  4. I laughed when she says her car only had 160,000 miles on it. My truck is well over 250,000

  5. Why does the computer have windows 7 on it and Firefox.

  6. “Whats wrong with white, better then black”

  7. I wish i was rich enough to be shocked at a car with 160k miles

  8. Conan should pimp the car out and make it new for Sona, but make it look very tacky. Lime green paint job, orange or purple interior. Bling it all out with tacky trim, curb feelers, fix the horn with a custom horn that plays Macarena, etc. Then, Conan could say how bad he felt for Sona and give her a "classic, restored, masina" aka the same Honda!

  9. I want Conan to sing me a lullaby while I give birth to his baby

  10. No way a VW will run without a service for 160k miles

  11. 6:32 🤣🎥🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. I like how this man was breaking stuff in her car and just didn't buy her anything. That's so funny

  13. you misspelled the title it should be "helps" and not helps

  14. At this point i'm tired of walking and taking the bus, i'll take the murder car and be happy 😁

  15. I bet she never looked at the oil lmao

  16. Come fly with my nand we can mess around ar the airports we with.

  17. Fly to Phoenix and my nephew will fly us around that that and we can laugh and enjoy.

  18. She has warts on her face. Gross.

  19. Watch it again and it's still fun 😀

  20. I don't think Sona was told how the sketch was going to endor at least, not with that car!

  21. I love these sketches, mostly because his staff are such terrible actors!

  22. i wanna bang sona like a screen door, js

  23. why the hell does Bugati cost that damn much? no way i would ever drive a car that costs that-it damn well better come with a butler a valet and a chauffer!

  24. I think Conan actually did buy her a new car once it was all over.

  25. uuuu bro you just lost a 20% off couponTHAT Hummer had cherry bombs and a lift kit

  26. Hows that saying go…: with friends like this, who needs enemies : )

  27. That was so funny, don't psycho analyze it folks, it was funny!

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