If you remember from the first video, crashed it and broke the front right wheel and i actually want to find all the parts i just used. Some welders glue and glued them back together, um it’s a little bit um it’s, not straight anymore, because i think i bent some of the parts like the middle parts, but it still will run so i’m going to do a little um fpv with this, and i Got the dji air unit on here just kind of zip tie to the front there, along with um some velcro straps to hold the air unit down and just powering it off the balance lead of the uh 2s lipo that’s inside, and i got a little connector There i’m just going to power that up that way and use my goggles. Now i have the run cam uh two 4k here uh had this for a while. I probably will do a video eventually, but probably you’re, not going to see any footage. This is going to be footage from the uh air unit. I’Ll have this in another video later and i’m, just going to fpv this on the ground around here and uh, see how it goes all right. Deci, no idea what the range of this controller is going to be like it’s not going to go too far. This is kind of an interesting perspective, though let’s see where i can go. I feel like one of those like tiny, tiny people.

Everything looks so huge. Look at that giant tree it’s, probably like two feet tall. They got a bit of a hill here yeah. Some of you suggested uh skip analog for this one. You wanted to see fpv, and i agree this is uh way better. The picture is amazing. You can see i’m over here, let’s go down this hill. Oh the brakes, work let’s, make sure the run cam is still on there yep. I don’t really have this uh stuff, really all that secure, este uh. This is on there with some velcro straps, not really meant to be on there permanently let’s go down this fence here. This is interesting. Now because uh, the crash, the doesn’t, want to go straight turn around and yeah that got a new car. I don’t have the nissan leaf anymore: este, a kia niro ev sticking with the electric cars let’s see here. Can i go up this way, it’s a little bit of a gully here? Oh i don’t want to go off that cliff. It looks like a let’s cliff off this way here. Oh this looks like a nice let’s go up this hill. Oh, this is way more fun than uh driving. This line of sight. The perspective is really interesting. Everything looks gigantic. I think these are like a maybe a foot tall at best 10 Inch. Maybe, but they look like they’re huge let’s, see we got, we got a curb or something here try and avoid those i don’t know i get stuck.

Oh, this is super fun. It’S super windy right now, so i’m kind of like glad i’m, not flying anything. Oh it’s over here. Oh these are more trees, so you can go slow on this one and fast i got all stuck there. Oh, i think i’m. My radio is losing range here. It’S not responding come on back okay, there we go and the range is not so great, probably need to like put crossfire or something on here, who’s interested in a video on crossfire and rc cars. Let me know in the comments oh it’s, interesting what’s in here it’s like a little adventure there. Sunt, i hope the uh run cam still on there that’s a little bumpy. Altminteri, i have to go find it a little fast moving now getting a little more speed Music, Oh, uh, Oh, oh, oh! I got over that bush is that run cam still on there. It looks like i see the shadow of it let’s see if we go around this corner i’m, probably going to lose connection the range on these rc cars isn’t. So great, i guess they don’t expected fpv. Oh come on come on let’s go. We need something better! Music yeah one school left dance looks so fast, Oh, ceea ce este, that is, that bird, hello bird, so some of you guys are wondering where i’m i’ve been flying lately. This is like a school or a new school that they just built here in tustin, it’s um near these hangers, these blimp hangersyou guys have always seen in my videos and asking about this whole area here, used to be like some sort of a marine air Base, cred, a long time ago, it’s been closed for a long time, although the government still owns a lot of land, it’s fenced off, but they’ve been opening up and developing little parts of this land here for houses and schools, as you can see in retail, Over the last decade, or so has been, the development’s been very slow like that.

That big blimping are you looking looking at in the video right now? Uh was supposed to be torn down like 10 Ani, but it’s not still there oh crash run can still on there. That looks like it all right wow. This looks like oh. This looks like a lot of fun, so uh the setup super easy. I just soldered power to a power, little power cable like a ph2 connector to the um power line that goes into the connector that goes into the air unit. So i have power, but i don’t have battery voltage or any like that stuff that you connect to your flight controller for telemetry. So i have no idea what the battery in the car is at all it’s a disadvantage, and then i just made another little uh plug on the basically the other end of the ph2 connector. That goes, i disconnected it or soldered it to a one of those. Little pins that come with like uh flight controllers and then i have that plugged into the balance lead. So you got to make sure your polarity is okay, Da, so it’s just running off 2s, nothing special and then uh. You know just kind of put a bunch of stuff uh and just shoved it inside and used a little bit of velcro to hold it in place. Este., nu chiar. All that secure, i figure. If i crash or something i can uh pull it out.

I think there’s some stuff on the lens. It looks like it’s a little blurry. You probably want to clean that. No i don’t know i don’t know what that is: yeah i’ll uh. Oh, i think i’ve i’ll just flash some photos up on the screen here. What the connector looks like if i haven’t already it’s, destul de simplu, really to get an area down here, este – probably easier than doing the vista well, they could probably do that too. Oh, acum, Sunt.. Stuck here, Oh, i think my wheel broke again. Maybe the glue broke.