Azi, we’re gon na be taking a look at the Dinan for Tex 374 channel helicopter. Now Dynomax are one of the leading manufacturers and remote control helicopters and their experience is definitely shown within this month. It’S just fabulous I had to help find the far net I was now is a great fun, după puteți vedea, Dan will spared no expense on the box work. We have the great design on the front of this model and two others, and we also have all the information about these models on the bottom of the box here. So you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase it it’s great. Take a look inside the box now, în primul rând, we have our manual recommend that you please give this a read. Este., always at most, după puteți vedea, it’s just fantastic. We packed everything is in a very order. It’S all well packed in hand very, very stern, so you’re not going to get any damage during the career, deci este. One thing you don’t need to worry about inside we have the battery charger now. This is a very, very good charger. The initial charge, time we’re. Looking at about two hours for your first one and then from then on it’s, less than two hours, it’s fantasticand here we have the battery itself it’s the 11.1 lipo baterie, which is brilliant, cum am spus, roughly two hours I’m, just going to give you a Brilliant flight time very, very good to one side for a second, we also have some roads place now these roads, blade, este, usually you’d, have to pay you for separately, but with this model that comes absolutely free, great value for money, we also have a bag of Little bits for you and inside that is your mini allen, key for removing the road blades.

Whenever you need to replace them, we have a port for our battery charger and finally, we have our now. This thing is just stunning it’s designed very, very well for comfort and for the optimum flying position: este o 2.4 gigahertz controller and it’s, like I said before, it’s a four channel helicopter, so very simple. To fly now the range is about 100 Metri. You’Re not probably want to go further because of visual purposes. For the helicopter I’ve see you don’t want to fight where you can’t see it now, it’s just fabulous, absolutely brilliant. Now the helicopter itself, this thing is stunning and what a lot of great design works going to this the case is made of a lightweight plastic, so it’s gon na be very, very good in crashes, so you’re gon na not take loads and loads of damage. Very very good, now it’s, actually designed on the Bell or 30 Elicopter, except the Bell has two exterior booms with retractable landing gears they’ve taken the basic concept and changed that and replaced it with these skids. Now these kids are just fabulous. You can land on all different types of terrain and surfaces and you’re not going to take a lot of damage. These things will take a lot of wear and tear, and should you want to remove them and replace them very, foarte simplu, greatly designed let’s. Take a look under the shell okay, so now we’re underneath the shell up front.

Here we have the three in one controller. Now this thing will control the prop the gain and these two little motors behind now these things are 370 motors and they’re just fabulous. They are perfect for this design in the middle here we have two servos. Now these are the aileron servo and the elevates servo. These things will control the directionality of the helicopter. Your throttle will control your altitude. Look how you throw them down lower, foarte, very simple and underneath here we have a little velcro strap, and this is for the battery. So once you’ve charged your battery just slide it in connect it up and it’s gon na be very, very safe in that it’s. Just fabulously design and that’s. Practic, your helicopter is absolutely brilliant. It’S gon na stand about 250 millimeters high and about 500 millimeters long, so it’s a fabulous helicopter. All these helicopters and more are available on our website at www.kppc.