Everything is nicely bolted there as well. Metal connection points has the lights. You can see the wiring there. Everything looks well done coming up to here. Um, you got the back. You got the little mirrors there, they dont do anything. They just are there im turning it over to here and just showing you the back side of it here it has your suspension system. You have your clothes springs, but they work both sides, după puteți vedea, Theyre, not independent, în, just kind of standard for what this is. You have your other turning mechanisms up here. You have your lights there as well coming down to here, and you have the motor that runs everything, not a big motor. This isnt, like um, a truck that youre going to probably i just you know, um have for speed or for four, but you know on on high grass and things like that. This is more of a truck thats more for a classic retro um collector type truck. I would say more than more than for running: you can see your tires there i mean the tires are definitely um. Go will run, will run great on pavement um, where i used it and um you it can its high enough. You could could run that in grass. I should say heres the controller for it um. îmi place, because it is a similar color, not an exact match, but i get what they were trying to do.

Um and you have your simple on off. You also have up here your trims, you have your trigger and you have turn dial. This is just plastic. Nothing fancy um overall, pretty pleased with it uh, because i knew what to expect um. If youre expecting some four wheel drive truck um, this probably isnt the thing um, but if youre looking for something as uh light running and um, maybe you had one of these trucks and this model special to you. I would certainly recommend it, apoi, și: um heres, some other information regarding it and it comes with a manual and the manual is pretty straightforward, so yeah um and the charging device for it. desigur, in the battery, is uh usb charger thats. What they all come with anymore, so i wanted to show it to you. Let me take a first hand, look at it and um. Let you take a close tour here with me with it um very pleased with it a little bit lighter than what i was expecting. I was hoping for something maybe a little bit more robust, but i would give this a reading of definitely a four star um. Just because you know the color didnt match exactly from that to this um and was expecting maybe a little bit more, not that anythings wrong with it. Nothing is wrong with it. It just feels extremely extremely light, like a very, very light plastic. Deci, for those things thats and a four star rating is, is a very good rating.

Um so and the lights are really cool theyre the cool features on it.