98. Asta a fost aproape. Aceasta este o scară 18 direct din cutie. Acest lucru este fără perii, are socuri umplute cu ulei si, desigur, tracțiunea sa pe patru roți da. Acest lucru este dulce. A venit cu două cadavre: Da, acesta a venit cu două corpuri ca toate aceste hp xs. It comes with extra body clips, your usb charger and extra battery. So this one takes a thousand milliamp battery, its a 2s, of course same style owners manual as the rest of them. Obicei, the main thing i worry about is that it shows all your parts and part numbers mechanical breakdowns and stickers for both bodies. Look at that look at this wow, its already a wheelie master. It comes with your standard, hbx controller. I dont mind these at all these most of our most of our good hbxs come with these, so uh yeah thats, toate bune. If youve seen any of our other reviews, you know as soon as were done looking at it were gon na. Take it outside and run it really hard. Who are you talking to daddy? Who are you talking to nobody? Oh theres, the second battery comes in the car, aşteaptă. What am i talking about? It comes with a plug for a secondary light kit. It already has headlights installed, it actually looks like the same motor and esc that comes in the 16th scale. Trucks and, după cum vedeți, weve put some oversized tires on this one and we have run even larger ones on it and it handled it really well.

So this smaller car, with the same motor, should perform awesome. Deci, like i mentioned, it is four wheel drive. It has oil filled. Aluminum shocks well probably need to put some thicker oil in it, but its got metal drive shafts in the front, metal differential cups in the front. It has that same pivot, ball system that they use that works really really well and in the rear. We have the same metal. Everything has a metal drive shaft in there thats a really tiny battery tray, but you cant expect much bigger with such a small car. We have broken quite a few chassis lately. So the fact that it has this chassis brace going across the top is definitely a good thing. Look how little those control arms are weve, broken chassis on several brands of cars. It has nothing to do with hbx. I think hbx makes some of the best cars for the money. One of the issues with this 16th scale, 16 890, is that this upper control arm link pops off the screw really easily, and when that happens, the axle likes to pop out. Fericire, on this one they have full control arms, so that doesnt happen, and they did that with this car too, its got full control, arms at the top and the front and the rear. So that shouldnt be an issue on this one either. The driveline feels really tight theres, not a lot of play, which ive noticed is another good thing.

Ive seen in hbxs, some of the other brands ive noticed have a lot of slop in the differentials and these just dont. So this new car really does look like an exact replica on a smaller scale of the 16th scale chassis. This is actually one of the chassis we havent broken so thats, a really good sign, smaller scale, with the same size, motor same thing on the top side. și, very similar so were going to chuck a battery in this real, quick im. Pretty sure this is gon na be another super awesome car from hbx. You do have to supply your own three double. As for the controller power on with this side button here that things gon na rip, look at that we got our first crawler Applause, Aplauze muzicale, o, da, Muzica, Muzica, Wow, Muzica, so youre, not old enough, yet Music. Bine, it looks like were sagging in the back whats up with that Music awesome, Muzica, Muzica, um Music, so we made it through one battery and there is definitely a little bit of damage. Oh yeah bodies, de fapt, cracked, real bad one of the shocks. Look funky battery number two Music, ah Music, oh my gosh body took another crack, but other than that it looks. ok, Muzica, stop got ta, stick: Muzica, Da! o, da! I got it! Oh you got it Music, deci Muzica, Muzica, so number one. This things pretty hard to control on the ground, because its got such a short wheelbase, its got a lot of power and its really lightweight, so it just kind of slides all over the place, which makes it good for drifting but still kind of difficult.

The shock fluid definitely needs to be thickened up a little bit. It still bounces way too much its hard to land. Those larger jumps and the body could be a little bit stronger. This body started taking some pretty major damage almost right away and for how light the car is, it really should have taken longer other than that im pretty impressed. Everything else seemed to hold up pretty well, even the headlights stayed working im, pretty sure this time and thats kind of rare they usually go out pretty quickly. You saw it got pretty dirty and we rinsed it off, and this time i did not use any wd. 40, i just wanted to see how it would do if i just let it air dry upside down, seeing if all the water would drain out and um so far it seems like its fine. You can see some surface rust on the axles still runs during that video. I mentioned that the rear end was looking kind of saggy and thats because we actually broke a shock tower right here. Fericire, im probably going to try to fix this with some epoxy. No other damage on it that im noticing i always mention air control, because i like doing tricks in the air, but this really didnt have much. These wheels are way too light, even though the car barely weighs anything the wheels just dont do it for it. Deci, desigur, well be putting some bigger wheels on this eventually well be, throwing some 3s at it were gon na.

Do all kinds of things to try to make. This thing fly a little bit higher so with this body taking so much damage really easily. This second body that it came with would be a really good candidate for one of the methods of beefing up the body shells, as ive mentioned, ive already got several other bodies that were gon na do other methods on too were just adding this one to the Bunch, thank you so much for watching and in our next video were going to do a review and field test of our first rock crawler.