Honda Accord Remote scrobeală instalare. Avital 4103, DEI XK05 să-DIY

This can be a primary rundown of a distant begin/keyless entry set up in a 2000 Honda Accord. The distant starter that’s being put in is an Avital 4103 and the bypass module is the DEI XK05. The one 2 connections you did not see on this video have been the hood pin and the tach wire as a result of my digital camera died. The colours are all customary DEI colours. Most mannequin use the identical precise colour coding.

Any questions be at liberty to remark.

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31 Comentarii
  1. Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I also have a 2000 Honda Accord with an ignition immobilizer system, and I have the LX model without keyless entry.

    I'm researching retrofitting an aftermarket keyless entry and remote starter into my Accord. I had hoped to learn more from your installation about the configuration of the bypass device and the Honda immobilizer system, but your video doesn't include that part of the installation.

    Would you go into some detail about what one should expect when setting up the DEI XK05 bypass to work successfully between the Honda immobilizer system and the Avital controller? De asemenea, can you list any online sites that are excellent resources for the retrofit of aftermarket keyless entry, remote starter, immobilizer bypass, etc systems?

  2. Do I absolutely need a bypass module? Bought the Avital system. My car recognizes the chip key when it is near the starter. All of the ignition wires are connected and the correct ground wires are also connected but my car is not starting with the remote start.. Ground is on the chassis and everything. The module picks up the FOB just fine. I've also tried to program the second ignition to set to second accessory with no luck

  3. I have this same car and I'm pretty good with wiring. Do I need to take this to a shop and have it programmed? I'm thinking of getting the avital 5105L

  4. Since when would keeping grounds to one place (especially a factory place, designed by the makers of the car) be any kind of an issue ever? The best thing you can do is keep a consistent ground point when possible.

  5. My Honda sl3 wiring instructions doesn’t say to use #4 pin wire (brown & black) https://cdn.fortin.ca/download/27521/honda-sl3.revzc.pdf I’m using the data port installation also with the blue from module to the status from alarm wire. Most of the time my remote start works but there’s times it won’t unless I reprogramming it. Any ideas why? Thx. Please see the link with wiring installation.

  6. Really good and helpful for many 👍😁. But you said the wrong color on the ignition wire. You said black & white when it is black & yellow 😁 good hod dude thx.

  7. I just got the 4103 model for a 2009 equinox. What is the DEI bypass used for because no one mentioned that to me when buying

  8. In your experience, would you happen to know how similar your wiring is to a 96 civic. Trying to get information for a friend, and hoping this will get him about 90% there.

  9. how does the parking light jumper goes

  10. Does it come with a blue/red led for the windshield?

  11. hey I was watching your segment on the install alarm on 2000 Honda Accord and I don't think you continue you don't???

  12. I have a DEI Python 460HP Security system installed in a 2006 Toyota Tundra. Is it possible to add the Avital Remote start to this existing installation? Any compatibility between these systems that would minimize the wiring/installation. Mulțumiri

  13. salut,

    Can you please tell me the proper jumper configuration? The manual is pretty garbage on this point and they won't take non-dealer calls….FRUMOS. I have the jumper on the two innermost jumpers on the innermost connector (closest to center of unit). I think this is correct. I have a +12vdc on the vehicle connection point so this should be correct, cred. I haven't put a load on it yet as I didn't want to blow something if this was incorrect. Checked it with a meter and a test light. I get nothing either way. Tried programming to constant on. Still nothing. HELP! …. Mulțumiri.

  14. where can you put the hood switch on a 95 accord? I've done so much to cars, but this process just floors me. I may end up having to pay someone. I don't want to surrender.

  15. Another question: would you happen to know where the tach wire would be for my honda civic 2012?

    Thanks for all your help so far!

  16. What is that bypass module for in addition to the Avital? Can i continue on without it and does that change any of the other wiring? I stumbled across your video and i have the same Remote starter and a 1999 Accord (same car) so i am trying to follow this video precisely. Mulțumiri!

  17. Hey does this car have a trunk release wire? I just installed a keyless entry in my 99 accord and the trunk isn't popping. I've tied into the supposed wire described on 12v.com. Also which wire is the horn ?

  18. Hi there. your video disconnected due to your battery problems at the hood pin switch connection part. Eu am o 1999 honda accord. where/how can i install the wires for the hood pin? I can't seem to find the cable line under the steering wheel area. Mulțumiri

  19. DIYAUTOCAR Hey, I just bought the Avital 4103, and I have a few questions about it, Eu am o 2003 corolla CE, will I need a by pass module? everywhere I lookd I haven't been able to find information about, I cant get a straight answer, weather Yes or NO. De asemenea, the Ignition harness on the avital comes with two (+) 30A HIGH CURRENT 12V INPUT, H2/4 H2/6, does it matter which one goes to my 12V(25ADRIAN) wire on my ignition harness in the car? De asemenea, What is the satellite harness, will I need to even use it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  20. The 4103 was professionally installed in my 08 civic after I got it new. It has worked with no problem until recently when I needed a new car battery. The car will no longer start with the 4103 la distanţă. It will open the doors and it will start the car's electric, the car will turn over (and over and over) but not "catch" and start. The place that installed it originally says it need to be reprogrammed for $60. AAA installed the new battery and said that there is nothing they can do. Any ideas about how I can fix this without such a big cost?

  21. +DIYAUTOCAR Im trying to install this unit in my 89 Chevy C1500. Everything is hooked up except for the starter wire. There is a constant 12v going to the starter wire from the unit. Why is this? Im pretty sure it shouldnt be like that.

  22. Eu am o 01 honda accord with a 3.0L ex and i cant find the doors lock and unlock wires or the arm disarm alarm wires and im aldo having problems with the bypass wires im using a honda sl 3 bypass sny help

  23. Hi there, thank you for the informative video. I have just purchased a 4103 unit, and was wondering: what exactly powers the unit, is it the high-current (30ADRIAN) 12V? I am wondering because the only ground I seems to be on the main harness, and uses a much lower current wire. tl/dr: is the unit powered by a high current +12V source, but low current ground?

  24. I actually haven't purchased a bypass yet. I wasn't sure I needed one. Can you point me in the right direction of what I need to get? Mulțumesc

  25. DIYAutoCarJUst found your video and comments. I have had little luck finding any support on this remote start system. I have installed one recently (different brand) and found it easy. But this one seems much more difficult with many more connections. Eu am 2 systems as holiday gifts to install. One in my 2002 Ford Explorer and one in my mothers 2008 Ford Fusion. I started my mothers today but gave up after I noticed I did not have any red LED light on my unit. I realized after the comments in this post that it must be the neutral wire needing the ground. I am pretty sure I tried that but I will have to again. Is there anything else I should be aware of or make sure I wire correctly? How about the Tach connection? Is that needed? I cant find corresponding wires for the 2008 Fusion for the following connections FACTORY ALARM REARM, IGNITION OUT (TO ALARM), ACTIVATION INPUT, GROUND WHEN LOCKED/ANTI-GRIND OUTPUT, 2ND STATUS/REAR DEFOGGER. Any help would be appreciated. Happy Holidays.

  26. Întrebare…i have a viper 5101. No by pass module. Just the main unit. Eu am o 98 accord lx 5 Viteza…..could u send me some info?

  27. Great job….im going to try to put mine in today

  28. Eu am o 2000 honda accord EX model, you didn't mention anything in your video about factory alarm disarm wire, I am assuming you have an LX model? If I have an EX model, will I have to hook this up?

  29. Vă mulțumim pentru video. I am trying to install Avital 4103 în 2001 Subaru Outback. For now I only need basic remote start function only to work. So I don't need power locks, parking lights, antenna and other functions as of now. I verified wires and properly connected 12v, ignition, starter, accessory, brake and ground wires. But the thing doesn't work, nothing happens. For ground wire I only used one black wire, however in the beginning of your video you say something about ground blue/white wire. Can you tell me more about it?

  30. Did that bypass module come with the kit and do you need to put a spare key in it?

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