How to install remote lock system on car [English HD]

I purchased from eBay a distant lock system for my automotive and right here I clarify set up it.

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41 Comentarii
  1. How to install remote lock system for mahindra bolero puls

  2. hey dude where do you conect the system thats what i want to know !

  3. Excellent video, wish I had watched your video first. ….. Great battery check tip. Mulțumiri

  4. thorough, but the music made it hard to hear you speaking. Got a no music version?

  5. Thank you for uploading this, but this system also has wires to connect turning lights positive to flash these lights when you push the remote buttons. How to find out turning signal lights positive wires?

  6. But where, in the battery, do you connect the system? That's my struggle

  7. I managed to get the same kit as you so I'm hoping you might know the answer to this.

    The wiring is mostly straight forward, but there are two wires I don't understand. The brown and white ones.
    The instructions on the box say "connect manual switch & remote control system".

    Where did you connect these wires?

  8. Witch CORSA B it's possible?

  9. use a towel or a rag to remove clips , not a screw it up driver

  10. but I need uninstall the car / lock alarm systemcan you help me thx

  11. want a tip??? For that Type of window handle Don't use a screw driver- get a rag and run it around under the handle- hold it tight and run the rag back and forththe clip ends will get caught on the rag and pop out. You can use your girlfriends G string if you like : 0

  12. The background music is annoying..

  13. Will it work on 89 ford Bronco?

  14. what is the first and the second song

  15. i have a question. I have a toyota corolla which has central locking but not a remote key. if i wanted to install a remote key, do i have to install all 4 motors for each door? or is there a other way?

  16. I have already installed a k-9 alarm system however the left side park lights are not being lit when the alarm has being disarmed or when it is being armed.what can i do to solve this problem

  17. Did this kit include outputs to flash the indicators?

  18. Is it possible to do this on a 2001 Ford Fiesta without central locking?

  19. hey bro awesome vid!
    isnt it enough setting the motor only in one door?
    after all all door locks are connected and synced somehow

  20. i need help,pls can any one help me?

  21. If installing this always do it with the window down, as you might find you put the motor in and it blocks the window from going down fully.

  22. really nice and useful….thanx

  23. Grozav video! Really nice editing, showing off good points and ideas. The music made the video awesome. Overall great and thanks for sharing! =)

  24. I'm a moron, I need more detail to instal it by myself

  25. Well made video but, ALWAYS use insulation around any wires that are near the metal bodywork, otherwise one day you will watch your car go up in smoke and any connection to the battery must be fused and insulated.

  26. That was very best video on installing remote locking (y)

  27. great video but what do i do with the red wire, no idea how to connect it to the car battery, also i have a 3dr car what do i do with the other blue/green wires please im clutching at straws lol

  28. do you install the wiring directly to the battery

  29. Nice video i know now how to to install the central locking in the door but.. i dont know how to connect it in the battery where to put it.. please help i have vw polo 2000..

  30. Dear Shai,
    That was very best video on installing remote locking.Thumbs up.I want to install it in my toyota yaris.Can you please make a video on a yaris.That will be very helpful

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