How to Make a Remote Controlled Sliding Window

Howdy Mates, on this video i’ll present you Easy methods to Make a Computerized Sliding Window with Distant. I hope everybody like this video. Multumesc pentru ceas!!

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24 Comentarii
  1. Instead of using a battery you could hook it up to the plug socket next to the window. Great idea though!

  2. Even though the "standard batteries" de 2 X AA may not be a practical source of power for this arrangement, the design ideas expressed here are pretty awesome.

    It's easy to criticise such impracticalities, but the problem-solving skills you're teaching the viewers is very inspirational, especially for "young engineers" about to embark on a life long career of learning the basics of design.

  3. You r brilliant person….god bless u😙😙😙😙😙😙

  4. We obviously don't have the same hotglue lol, mine would never be that strong to make it work

  5. total sh!t.if you keep the rc car gutts on,they eat batteries in a few hours.youd have to turn on manually the circuit,before using the remote,wich defeats the purpose of haveing a remote………

  6. Those comments…. Hahah omg wtf

  7. Wow very creativity bro 👍❤👍

  8. Bhai mare channel ko kar do subscribe

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