How To program DEI Viper Python Avital Sidewinder Valet Hornet Alarm Remote Transmitter Fobs

How To program DEI Directed ( Viper Python Avital Sidewinder Boa Valet and Hornet ) Alarm Distant Transmitter Fobs, Principally all Directed model distant controls.

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  1. What if you have a toggle switch hooked to valet button,how do you program it??Any help?

  2. So I don’t have a button for the valet switch I only have a switch and I never get a chirp from my car

  3. What happeneds if you don’t have the button you just have a switch for the valet

  4. Hey thanks good info, got mine programmed right away

  5. i’m doing everything right and getting the chirp but my remote just won’t register to the system it’s an automate 7142a please someone help

  6. None of my buttons say "valet".

  7. I followed your instructions and only the trunk release worked. Eu am o 94 Acura Legend equipped with a viper system. What did I do wrong?

  8. Hello i got a 2000 ford expedition and i just bouht it . And come with a Python 1500 esp but the remote was lost . What remote do i can use to get it work. Mulțumesc

  9. buna,Will this work if I lost my old remote and I purchased a used remote

  10. Hello again. I bought a top of the line Alarm starter called compustar. I loved it. I really loved the white slice that I bought with it. The car got totaled out by a lady delivering pizza and she ran a light. Jaws of life got me out but forgot to get my alarm under dash. My new ride has a viper 2 way system. DEI 5X03A. Will my slice work with it?

  11. My remote only has 4 buttonslock unlock aux and yellow with star on it …. which channel is remote start?????

  12. buna. I have a tahoo 2001 with the sidewinder EZSDEI476 fob and Soni need the exact type me fob as a extra or replacement fob,?

    If I use my original fob to remote start with 2 buttons it starts but won't run anymore can that be fixed by reprogram the fob and extra to buy fob again.?

  13. Can you please tell me where the valet switch is located?

  14. Good morning I have avital 3100 Lx I need factory reset and reprogram again but need working passive arming

  15. Have a 3300l and somehow the unlock button does not work. 7352l remote. It worked before, I did some programming now it only works with lock button both locking and unlocking. Tried your programming and get the chirps and beeps but still no unlock button. Orice idei?

  16. Hei, can you tell me what colors the button wire is. The installer much have wrapped it with all the other wires.

  17. Will this work on my auto mate model 435? (that’s what it says on the black box)

  18. Anyone know if the Alarm Volume is adjustable on my Viper 300. It was installed on a new car in 2003.

  19. Is there a way to delay the remote start like 20 seconds for a diesel motor? So gloplugs can heat up? Had to replace old remote. The only way I got the 474v to program all buttons was key on press valet once and press again hold and press lock button on remote. Press and hold valet again turn off key. Then all buttons were programed but it seems like remote starter starts to quickly then it was before. Any idea

  20. Vă mulțumim pentru video. It took me a few trys seeing as how my buttons were not in correct sequence, but I finally figured it out.

  21. That would work with my idatastart..??

  22. Im in need of help, my car has a Hornet maxx1 system installed. I whish to add a new transmitter (474t) to the system, unfortunatelly while doing so the configuration on my existing key failed.

    The programming mode of the maxx1 is diffrent from that of the systems discussed here. You firstly have to enter your 4 digit pin to unlock programming mode, after that the features for programming the transmitter are positioned at numer 20 – 25. These funtions are however for 2 button transmitters, mine both have 4 buttons.

    Does anyone have any experience with adding 4 button transmitters to the maxx1 system?
    any help would be appreciated.

  23. I have used your procedure to program 2 viper remotes to a directed remote start system 160XV. the remotes are specific to the unit 474V. After programming them, the button commands don't match the actual functions. When I press the channel 1(lock) nothing happens. When I press the channel 2(unlock) the doors lock. When I press the channel 3(aux) the doors unlock. When I press the remote start(Canal 4) nothing happens. Any suggestions.

  24. Trying to program. but there is no switch only a on off button?

  25. i want to program my 2nd key fob on my 07 nissan pathfinder, do i have to program both or just the one i just bought?

  26. Looked all over YouTube and internet on how to program my remote, you by far explained it the best. Thank you for your help!

  27. Mulțumesc. This is the only tutorial that worked for my viper remote except that I had to hold the valet button in as I pressed the remote buttons

  28. Can anyone please tell me how to "valet mode"'or deactivate this alarm.
    I have the 4 button controller, I thinks the DEI viper 7701v. but had unplugged the antenna/receiver cause it wasn't working right.
    So I just use the regular car controller to lock the doors etc.
    Problem is when changing battery or of battery goes completely dead, it resets the alarm.
    Which has the ignition kill and sets this all off..

    I've done it before, but can't remember exactly if anyone can please help me.
    Goes something like,
    1. key in ignition, turned twice (to idle, before starting)
    2. press and hold down the velet or reset/program button (under dash)
    3. And while holding, then press one or two buttons (on the 4 button controller).

    3rd step is the only part I can't remember, if it was a combo or 2 buttons or just the lock/unlock or ( * ) asterisk button. That needs to be pressed on the controller while holding down the velet button.
    (basic 4buttons = 1.lock, 2.unlock, 3.aux, 4.*asterisk)
    Este 2006 nissan Altima, if matters. Have done it before, with the antenna unplugged/controller still works with the valet/program box.

  29. shouldn't you be keeping the valet switch held in while pressing the button on the remote? I know it seemed to work in this video, but in 17 years of programming DEI remotes on the vehicle, we always had to keep the valet switch pressed after selecting the channel we want to program, even after the chirp. I've helped thousands of people do this over the phone and if they let go of the valet switch, then it didn't work. Great video otherwise.

  30. Mulțumesc! This video helped me figure out the Viper 7111V and probably saved myself $50+

  31. On ebay the transmitters have the make of vehicles can anyone of these work as a generic on the Viper ?

  32. I have a Viper 500 ESP installed and yes it's old i think i bought in 2001 but still works really good, i heard you say any remote can be programmed even the 2-way with LCD display, you think I'll be able to program one of the 2-way with LCD with my 500 ESP? please let me know I'll really appreciate it. Mulțumesc.

  33. Worked with my Viper RPN 471T. No problem.

  34. Please help: I did, 1) open door 2) turn key to ON position. 3)press valet switch once and release. 4) press and hold it again to hear the chirp. But I do not hear any chirp at all, no matter how long I keep pressing it. What's the problem? Mulțumiri!

  35. When I bought the system two remotes were already thought to the system but I added two more so how do I re program a 5 one and get ride of one of the original remote just delete them all and reprogram 4 new remotes?

  36. If you have 4 remotes programmed and one breaks how do you cancel the broken remote and add a new remote?

  37. How do you program a 5th remote if one is broken or how do you delete all the 4 remotes to program 4 new remotes?

  38. UGH!! Ive been looking under the dash on both sides of the truck for about an hour and cannot seem to find the push pin!! HELP!

  39. which button did you press for channel 4 Thank You ( jim

  40. hope i can figure this out with your help , i have the valet 551R worked great for 2 years with good range from inside my upstairs and i have seemed to lost Range of my remote , sometimes i need to be next to my truck , other times it will work from 20 feet away , i have changed new batterys twice and checked all connections and all are good , any ideas ?

  41. hey, just got done installing a viper 5706V however when i go to remote start it gets ready to start, accessory, ignition but it doesn't engage the starter and im getting 4 flash "Transmitter shutdown error" any advice? mulțumesc

  42. Hi I have a python 1400xp remote starter and the python 474p transmitter. Can I buy any other 1-way DEI transmitter to program to my 1400, or does it have to be the 474p transmitter? My transmitter shell broke and I would like to buy a more modern looking transmitter. Thanks for the vid!

  43. Dude you take way to long to get to the point.

  44. salut, thanks for the help! My remote start now works for the first time since owning the vehicle (purchased used)! However, I must have done something wrong as the doors will not lock or unlock with the remote. Thoughts?

  45. I'm trying to program a remote for an alarm system that doesn't have that button in the car. It's from an older car, and I received a replacement remote that is supposed to be compatible (493T). I have the code to match the alarm brain. The instructions for programming involved "tracing" or ""cutting" the circuit board. I can't make out what to do and don't want to attempt it and render the new remote useless. Is there an alternative way of programming it? Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this sorted? Any help would be appreciated. Mulțumiri!

  46. Thank you for all your help. Awesome Video

  47. I just ordered a new Viper 7701, to replace my Python 7701 as it has broken.
    I still don't get the chirps when I try to press once and hold down the Valet Button.

    Does the car door need to be opened ALL THE WAY?

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