How to program Karr brand Audiovox made Remote Alarm Transmitters

The right way to program Karr model Audiovox made Distant Alarm Transmitters


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  1. This is great info except my alarm in my 1999 Mustang that uses the ELVAT5H doesn't have a toggle switch. There is a push button behind the red led mounted below the dash that I use to disable the alarm system because my key fob was not working.

    Would you use this push button to program a new remote?

  2. Used 2003 CE Corolla. No PW, PDL or cruise. Three button remote. All I found is an LED light mounted near the steering wheel with the button on rear. Alarm went off ( May have motion detector) and LED started to flash. ((Disconnected battery to stop flashing) what is the correct way to disable alarm?

  3. Thanks for the advice. I have a KARR and my battery is dying. If I replace the battery, will I have to reprogram my FOB? De asemenea, if my FOB is lost or stolen, can I reprogram the brain so the bad people won't break into my car?


  4. How do you remove a remote from the programming?

  5. Thanks for the walk through it worked on the first try

  6. Any idea where the toggle switch would be in a Toyota Yaris? I can't find it anywhere :/

  7. Grozav video. Looked like a hero when I programmed the new fob. Thank you for this video.

  8. I have the 4 channel remote but when i hold the button down the car makes no noise to confirm the channel has been set

  9. mine works but the outer shell or the plastic part broke were can i buy just the plastic cover??????????????????????????

  10. thank you your video was extremely helpful. after searching the web for about an hour I finally stumbled up on your video which was very easy to follow. I was able to program the remote in about 30 sec. to a min. the very first try.THANKS A MILLION you saved me time and $

  11. Is there a possibility that the valet toggle switch is part of the red light ?

  12. I bought a new Toyota and the Stealership had the KARR alarm installed, After the car purchase they just put a plug into a a port on the knee panel. I want the crap removed because every alarm I have owned goes to crap after a few years, The Stealership is giving me the run around on getting it taken out.

    Anyone have install diagrams so can pull it out myself without screwing up my car? Mulțumiri

  13. salut ,
    I have the Karr alarm system and my remote is the first one you showed. Turning on and off my alarm just stopped working the light for the alarm under my dash continuously flashes. What do I do?!?

  14. Vă mulțumim pentru video! Karr systems are were very popular for a period of time around 2000 in San Diego. It's been difficult finding all the information I need to get a new remote. You really helped a lot of us out by sharing your wealth of information.

  15. Thank you for this video post. The arm and dis arm button on my remote was broken but I was able to reprogram the trunk release as my arm and disarm, because I don't have an electric actuator for my trunk release it seems to work okay for now I don't know if this is the right way to do it or not but it does work

  16. Just got a car, I paid for karr security system. But got no remote

  17. i have that switch and the red light but if i turn of valet switch the red light is not going off so i turn it off manually and followed the instruction however i didn't get any sound or something when i did 3 time on and off the valet switch but i proceed with the instruction in the end the remote worked when i use the remote now i can hear a short horn with light on and off, which was not earlier.

  18. I don't have a valet switch either, just a RED button that goes on and off if you hold it in for 3 secunde. There is also a larger red button that doesn't depress. How do I program my KARR remotes for this setup?

  19. I don't have a valet switch, I actually have a button located on the back of the LED light, much easier to use. Fallowed your instructions and it worked perfect. thanks for the visual, It helped alot.

  20. hey i just installed my alarm and it work it will arm and disarm my 86 toyota pick up standard but my remote start isnt workingany idea??i got PRO-9776 AUDIOVOX

  21. Very helpful. Mulțumesc!
    (In turn, suggesting that future video do not have a plant on similar object directly behind someone's head when making videos.)

  22. can you use the karr remote for keyless entry?

  23. Here is the tech # for audiovox (who made karr) 631 231 7750

  24. hold down lock 3 seconds and the panic will activate

  25. then jump out the plug where it'd normally be (The 2 pin blue plug on the module) to replicate a valet switch

  26. APS95BT3 does not work with Karr remote 🙁

  27. what happens if i have the one with the single button? Mine doesn't have the switch to turn off or on.

  28. i need a remote ELVAR5C THAT ELVAT5H WORKS ON THIS ONE

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